Friday, July 25, 2008

Please dont go

This boy was deeply hurt. His girl had said NO for a rendezvous on the weekend. He wanted to meet his girlfriend at any cost. Love ke liya saala kuch bhi karega.

So he gave a call to his girl and disguising his voice announced "Congratulations! You have won yourself a dinner at the Taj Hotel this evening. A cab would be sent to pick you up at 8.00 PM." But this trick was caught. Don't worry ! Girl was not that wise, but the boy was very stupid to give his own vehicle details when the girl asked for the cab details.

The girl was the one who was interested in women empowerment issues. So the boy sent her a dummy invitation of a speech by a literary figure on women and politics copying exactly verbatim from a last year's invitation he found in his sister's room, not realizing that the speaker has become one with the God. Girl knew this and avoided the speech of a departed soul.

The boy was really frustrated and as a final resort got the girls best friend to trick her to come for a movie. The girl knew that her friend wouldn't come for a movie because she had exams the next day.

But the girl was there at the movies and commented "Your stupid antics has brought me here. why do you do such stupid things ?"
Boy: "The minute you walk out, my brain also takes a long walk. I am not sure whether I want my brain back, but I do want you back."

The girl was full of tears and the boy took her hand. The girl asked him to take her to a lonelier place like a park or a temple rather than this bollywood movie. She believed that they had more fireworks between them rather than the movie which had fire only in its name.


Jyothi said...

superb writeup!bt who's ur gf?....ha ha ha just kidding..:)dont get one honest quest 'y do u want to meet her?'

Suresh Kumar said...
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