Saturday, July 5, 2008

This Part of Life

While watching the weekend movie on Sony Television at my friends house, I was irritated by the regular breaks announcing "This part of the movie is brought to you by". Then a thought came to my mind - 'If Life is a movie, who would be its sponsors'

From the time we are born till we complete our graduations, its the parents who look after us. I remember Calvin's prayer here "God bless Mom and Dad. Grant them the power to anticipate my every need and the means to fulfill them".
This Part of the Life is brought to you by your PARENTS. Caption:- Just Do It. (Don't ask why?)

Then after graduation comes the employment sector. A ferocious creature called BOSS enters your life and takes complete charge. Deadlines, Targets and Appraisals is what he knows.
This Part of the Life is brought to you by your BOSS. Caption:- Believe in the best. (If you are not the best, then you would be facing the firing squad)

After putting a vigorous 10 hours a day work consistently, you become a boss and start to work 16 hours a day. This is the time you have complete charge over yourself. This is short lived and as you find out soon that you are about to share this life with a WIFE.
This part of the life is brought to you by WIFE. Caption:- Neighbor's envy, owner's pride. (Oh really !)

When you get the feelings that two was just enough, you find that it has become four. Now you have become head of the family. It is not longer when the kids take over and make your head sway for everything they ask. You are like the Reserve Bank who gets the currencies printed and they are the ruling government where it is always fiscal deficit.
This part of the life is brought to you by CHILDREN. Caption:- Generation Next. (Meaning you are out.)

Then like that old Rajkumar song "Aadisidatha besara gondu aata nilisidha" (The playwright got bored and stopped the play), your life will come to end on this planet. And then you hear the voice

This Life was brought to you by ALMIGHTY. Caption: Bond with the Best.

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Tara said...

Nice take on life! Very interesting! The captions were good, loved the Bond with the Best bit! So true! Thanks and keep coming...:)

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