Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Correction is a share market terminology referring to a drop in stock market price, generally viewed as bringing overpriced stocks back to a level closer to companies' actual values.

Like they apply principles of other fields to share market, we can apply this principle of share market to other fields.

Whenever one joins a new job, he decides to give his entire to the job. But after sometime CORRECTION takes place and he starts to work only so much that he doesn't get fired and company also pays him only so much that he doesn't quit.
Any rule or theory has exceptions. Try to be that exception here.

Even, in marriage, initially the couple behave in a fashion as if one cannot live without the other. Then CORRECTION takes place and the couple realize that Life is to be lived with the help of the spouse and not only with the spouse.
Don't try to be an exception over here. If u do, you will steer off the main course of Life.

Human tendency is always to get over excited whenever he is a new position or found something new or is in a new relationship, not knowing that he will be pulled down to the original level if he is not meant to be there. Correction is always required to find one's real position.

Oh God! Give me the serenity and courage so that I can accept whatever CORRECTION sets in.

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