Sunday, November 21, 2010

Love Vs Friendship

Though Monsoon Season was over, the Rains had not stopped its display of show and force on the coastal city. Trapped in their hostel were the two girls, Jeevs and Swats. Swats wanted to meet her dear friend Pradhyumn cutely called Prads.

Jeevs who had the hots for Prads was able to read this and commented on the friendship which Swats also referred to as a platonic relationship, "You are missing Prads! So am I! So how does it make you different from me." Swats gave a cool retort, " Well! I am not so selfish like you cupid struck girl! You want no one else to miss him and you want him all for yourself..You want him to take you to a different world! Uff!" Jeevs agreed and started singing the romantic single from a Aamir Khan Movie,"O mere sapnon ke saudaagar,Mujhe aisi jagah le jaa, Main chaahti hoo, mere humsafar Mujhe pariyon ki duniyaan dikhaa, Pyaar hi pyaar ho jis jagah,Mujhe aisa jahaan dikhaa"

Jeevs was full of smiles as she continued her argument, "What is love without selfishness! But mine is just a one-sided love. So not worth talking about.I still have some questions to you. Prads is a 32 year old boy! What do you think is important for him in life now? A friendship to see that time is killed or is it some romance to heal a lonely heart."
Swats wanted to prove that love is worse than friendship and came up with a nice quote she read somewhere "I sometimes feel love and death are similar. One takes the heart away and another the beats..." and continued her sermon on friendship "When in love,you always fear of hurting the other and think twice. But in friendship, there is no restrictions on your emotions... Do what you feel you want to, think of the results later. When the mind is set so free, wouldn't the heart heal by itself"

Jeevs was fully prepared with her set of arguments as she continued, "How long do you think you can be her best friend? Once a girl enters his life as a wife, would you think she would allow you to continue as a best friend... Isn't a wife, a husband's best friend?"
Swats gave a angelic smile as she answered gracefully, "Marne ke darr se koi jeena toh nahi chodta na (For the fear of death, No one stops living their life... do they?) Just because of the fear that I might not be as important to him later as I am now, why should I stop being his friend?"

Even the Rain Gods seemed to pleased by her answer and it paused its show of force. Swats was immediately out of her room and on her honda pleasure vehicle. Before departing Swats spoke her heart out on her relationship with Prads, "I don't love him... I don't need him.... I don't want him... But I love the feel I have when I am with him..."


Priya Joyce said...

beautiful post!
selfless relationship.
frndship rocks it really does!


DPhatsez said...

I've said it once and ima gonna say it again..dude u need to get a novel out...Mills and Boone would pay you gazillions for churning out good stuff like this \m/

Yes Yes i'm back was too busy with studies and now its all done and dusted :)

Tulika said...

Beautiful thought there !

One question,
What if your best friend and your love are the same?

Arjun said...

It's true... a friendship between a boy and girl gets lots of conditions applied once marriage happens. As you said, the spouse has the right to be the best friend then...

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