Saturday, June 7, 2008


Spent the whole day to myself. No office work or office thoughts.

No movies or Television (Oh, I never watch TV at all). For some time Radio was my companion.

My good friend was asking how one welcomes Monsoon Rain. Rain implies change and change is not always easy to welcome. But Rain is an exception. Problems associated with it are many, but people still enjoy the rains.

Dancing in rain or harping about rain is not what i do. But either there should be rain or no rain. Sometimes the weather would be dull for hours, there would be no rain or no sunlight. I feel even heavens are confused as to whether to rain or not. They r acting like the third umpire who before pushing the button looks at the replay from all angles. But till that time, we get dull by the weather. This feature of human shows how is tied up with universe, and elders call it as " Brahmanda Pindanda".

1 comment:

Deepak said...

Yeah boy, u are on your way to become Bernard Shaw...

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