Sunday, June 22, 2008

Not the One, But Number 31

"Shes not the one, but number thirty one " says Ritesh Deshmukh when Aftab starts dating Neha Dupia who sees dead people (Movie: De Taali).

The movie was good and I thought they could have shown Aftab's other ex-girlfriends during the end titles instead of that silly song. Anyway my mind went on thinking of how his ex-girlfriends could be and why did they split with him and these were the results.

> A suicide bomber who told one day "there is a surprise tomorrow" and true to the word, there was a big surprise that was highlighted in the headlines of all leading newspapers and she was the breaking news on All News Channels.

> A lover of Ekta Kapoors Serials who would always begin her talk "tujhe bath hain kal kya hoon. kal ajay ne sonia ko talaq diya aur deepa ke saath shaadi karliya". One day one of her favourite seriala abruptly ended. The girl couldnt control it and she abruptly ended her life.

> A girl who is possessed by spirit, whom Aftab felt looked beautiful whenever she is possessed by the spirit. A exorcist frees the girl from the spirit and from that day Aftab has been looking for that exorcist.

> A bad mouthed fisher woman. Whenever she opens the mouth, most of the eardrums close automatically except for Aftab for whom, those words appear very very sweet. He gets the reality check when he introduces her to his father.

> Narayan Karthikeyan and Aryton Sena's fan who loves fast cars. Every alternative day, Aftab goes to the hospital to meet her and their relationship goes to that extent that he finds himself in the ICU one day.

What do u people think. Would he have only silly girlfriends or some good one also. My mind feels Paapa for him. So lets assume he may have some good girlfriend in between who is very talkative but understanding, lots of attitude but confident, Parties late and returns home not before midnight but still is courageous.

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