Monday, June 23, 2008

The Happy Days

Remembering my badminton days.

During my PUC Days, we had some bank managers in our block who used to play badminton daily morning on a vacant site. Whenever they felt short of a player (and they usually do on a daily basis) they commanded me (and not requested) to come and join them. I never said NO to them.

Though not a sports freak, I always enjoyed the game thoroughly. Some of the players were very good and I learnt a lot about the game. In between, they had their opinions thrown about younger generation, politics etc etc.

The intersting thing is that If I played with these managers in the morning, in the evening, it was with their siblings... 2 young girls stepping into their teens. I loved it when they called me DONALD DUCK. The game was not a easy one as it was one big Hulk vs two naughty girls who giggled and chattered a lot as they played the game. And if I lost, the whole colony would come to know it.

Today there is a house on that vacant site and some of the bank managers have become senior citizens and the girls have become full fledged doctors and I am entering into my thirties (Oh God! No, No....)

want to sing this song from a old movie "Koi Laut de mere beete huan din"

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