Thursday, June 19, 2008


The corporate culture with more focus on performance and targets seems to loose importance on the individuality of the employee and his thinking.

I know a hell lot of persons who seems to bored about the job and when the evening comes, they are a bit relieved. For many, these evening comes bit late in the night that is around 9.30 PM.

Even for many a creative jobs where the world thinks that the person is expressing his opinion or thoughts is actually a prisoner to the whims and fancies of many others.

Just talk with them and you will know their frustrations. One of my friends, a software engineer says that his desire to make some money and come down and settle down in his home town once this overseas project is over. Will he do it once the project is over. No. He will not do it nor would he be allowed to do it. These corporates know how to sell dreams and show the moon.

Another of my friend is tired of the daily bickering and quarrellings and non performance from his juniors. But his senior is not ready to listen to his daily battering and knows that this is a temporary and next day is a whole new day.

One more is there who is so frustrated that she wants to run away as far as possible.

Remembers me of the movie Galipatta where Ganesh says after they have decided escape from their city lives and go to a far off village
"Anthu Inthu mooru janna huduguru madhyarathriyalli ooru biduva leveliga ekkut hodevu antha ayithu. Nadiyirappa, Ooralladru Jeevana trackige baratha antha noduna".
Translation is not possible

What is happening ? God will never answer me.

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Deepak said...

Now who is the God... I guess the blogger himself.

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