Sunday, June 29, 2008

The first words.

All the words you have said and will say out of your life which was the first word or words you said. Do you know or remember ?

Probably the answer is NO. But ask your mother. She will remember it. Because for the mothers, this is an intense moment, seeing their kids first word, seeing their kids utter something sensible just like that.. out of the blue.

The most common first word spoken is Mother. I was not an exception. After two and half years of silence since my birth, I gave comfort to my very much worried mother by saying Amma.

But there are kids, who seems to speak utter nonsense words for the first time. But mothers wont dismiss it as nonsense. I know this case where the kid uttered 'lu lu'. But the kids mother had a explanation... "The kid loved playing with a twig (Kollu in Kannada) and was excited whenever it found one to play with. The kid was unable to pick up the entire word and uttered only lu lu."

Then there is this story of a great sage whose first words, and that too immediately after birth, was 'OM'. How very believable !

Sometimes when I listen to people who talk non stop, I just think what could their first words be. Then on second thoughts, I believe they might have spoken a complete sentence rather than a single word. Rite.

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