Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mixing pleasure with business.

Someone once told me that Business is a systematic way of cheating people. I will not say that I don't agree with the statement. Irrespective of whether a business is ethical or unethical, to be a successful businessmen , you need a lot of passion.

Last few months, I had a chance to meet lots of people from the business field, young and old, adventurous and conservative. But one thing common among them is that they enjoyed what they were doing.

One such entrepreneur told me that he had two sons (he was referring to his two businesses) which requires constant attention and now he wants his two natural off springs to look after these two sons. They love their businesses more than they do their sons. For some, it may look like they are after fame and money. But its not that way always. They want to make a mark or retain the reputation they have created.

There is a sad story of another entrepreneur who had a successful business career, but had a double defeat in his life when his business failed miserably and his daughter was stuck with terminal illness. But he has made a comeback. And today he is coming into the mainstream slowly. But his daughter's position is not that much improved.

You can beat your opponents and you can prove your critics wrong and you can even surpass your own expectations. But you have to bow before the mother nature. But still don't let that passion inside you 'to do something big or great' just die like that. Ignite that fire.....

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