Friday, June 27, 2008

Running out of......

Sometimes, when you are in some crucial moments , you will find that you have run out of that particular element which is required to propel you forward.

You are on a long journey in your car and half way down, you find that you ran out of diesel. Horrifying experience specially when stranded in a deserted location.

You are writing that crucial exams and there is five minutes left for the finishing bell and there is one question left for which you know the answers and suddenly your pen seems to have run out of ink. Gosh, this could be the most horrible of all.

You are talking with your friend over the phone. After sometime, you find that you have run out of topics to discuss and your conversation would be filled with "Then", "Tell me", "Anything special " and all other silly things. This is a little bit irritating.

In the first two cases of long journey and exams , the outcome depends on how others help you out.

But never ever let the time run out. Always make a profit out of the same as Gurukanth Desai (from movie Guru) says when he completes the speech in 4:30 minutes n says "Ab bhi apko thees second munafa mila"

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