Friday, June 20, 2008

The Waiting Game

Inteha Hogavi Intezaar Ki - Sharabhi.

All play the waiting game. And the winner is always the mind which plays all kinds of tricks with the person at the receiving end.

Sometimes the whole nation is waiting either for election results or for a big movie to be released or for a cricket match. And the atmosphere is that of a mass hysteria and I hate that atmosphere.

But the wait I enjoyed most watching is that of a married lady who waits for her husband to return from her work. And if the lady is a traditional one, she would be in the pooja room if her husband is even half an hour late. Add to this, if there is a small kid, he will make his mother all more nervous by asking at regular intervals about the whereabouts of his father. Wow. What a wait it is for that mother.

Then comes the wait of a boy for his girl. I dont think boys keep the girls waiting. Its always the other way round. During this time, all kinds of planning and sweet words would be kept ready for the girl. Castles would be built in the air, future actions would be chalked out. Ultimately and definitely the girl would have other plans. This wait is nothing but killing ones time and draining ones mental energy because the smart girls would already have decided the course of action. Thats what my colleague has to say.

Another wait is the wait for the students for the exam to begin. The scene i always like is the one outside the exam hall and that too just 30 minutes before the exam. The place would be buzzing with energy and the students try to revise as much as possible during this time. When they sit in the exam halls, It is delight to watch their faces as they wait for the question papers to come to their hand. Once the exam is over, then it is the wait for the results. Result day, all , even the most studious one would have butterflies in stomach.

There are long waits like shabhari waiting for Rama to come and there are short waits like the download to be complete etc.

I can go on to write a essay on this one, but the point I was trying to analyze that every human being succumbs to this waiting game though knowing that whatever be the outcome, he would not be able to change it. Still everyone succumbs to this anxiety and suspense during the waiting game.

So tell me what did u enjoy most waiting for?


Deepak said...

waiting for ur next post !!!

Priya Joyce said...

I enjoy waiting for prof in class and I always wish he nevr comes in :P:P

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