Monday, June 9, 2008


We always keep purchases for the last minute. Similarly I had kept my purchase of raincoat for the last minute.

Luckily I asked my good friend to accompany me for the purchase. Till date, I thought it was only girls who took much time for the selection. Today my assumption was proved wrong.

I had left the selection for my friend. He gave me an advice "Not to purchase until you are fully satisfied". And i ended up purchasing everything except the raincoat. Two and half hours of roaming from one store to another but no selection was made. In one store, I made a selection which i thought was very beautiful. Unfortunately, the sales lady told me that its a ladies raincoat to my embarrassment.

My friend had not given up even though it was lunch time. But I had enough and even after two days, I am without a raincoat.

I was back from shopping with a pair of good sandals and a heavy meal, thats it......

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