Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yava janmada maitri

Yava janmada maitri Ee janmadali bandu
nammibbaranu matte bandhisihudo kane. - KUVEMPU

The translation is difficult for me but the poet was expressing of how attached a relationship could be. Have you experienced this kind of relationship where you felt that you knew the person since ages. Many would tell this is the feelings only shown in movies and books. But some questions arise in my ever confused mind though i think this feeling of eternal relationship is very sweet.

Should we become prisoners for such relationship and experience eternal bliss OR
Should we become free of all attachments and enjoy the internal bliss.

Isnt that kind of relationship based on expectations which would lead to disappointments OR
Is it the kind of relationship which enables us to find peace and order in this disorderly world.

Are we trying to adjust ourself so that we can be in harmony with that special person OR
Is the nature making us act like that so that we can be with that person who is meant for us.

Last but not least
Am I Confusing you OR Am I really confused.

1 comment:

Priya Joyce said...

some awesome quests suresh
sometimes a relationship becomes so close that..we like to be enslaved in it

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