Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bad Situation, Beautiful Location.

These lines were used in a movie depicting beautiful scenery from a country which was subject to mass ethnic cleansing.

I thought what apt lines for the present situation in Udupi. Though there is no such heinous crime done here, but the air in Udupi (The temple town as it is called) is filled with rumors and conspiracy theories of how a politician's wife ended her dear life. Its really a bad thing that has happened.

But the Title Lines hold good everywhere. Like Bad Situation, Beautiful Settings. When everything seems to go right, something terrible would happen and put the entire settings in chaos. This is true not only in books and movies but also in life. Then how could you explain Kalpana chawla's death as she and her team were reentering the earth after the Space Shuttle Columbia's successful mission.

How about Bad Situation, Beautiful Relationship. In any relationship which is going on smooth and steady, one of the partners is bound to make a mistake knowingly or unknowingly (most of the time unknowingly) which would be irreversible and for which they would be repenting for whole of the life.

Oh God ! Why does these kind of things happen. Cant the beautiful things be eternal.

1 comment:

Deepak said...

Then you would forget what is beutiful.

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