Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rain doesnt stop at Bus Stop

Kehte Hain Naa... Jo Hota Hain Achae Ke Liye Hota Hain....Ghalat Kehta Hain : - EK CHALLIS KA LAST LOCAL.

After a good days work, me and my colleague went to my favourite restaurant to discuss about life, work and so many things. The waiter took a good time to reach the table with our ordered dishes. When he did came, he told my friend that his order couldn't be served. My friend though disappointed ordered something else and put the blame on me saying "Its because you don't give him any tips, he has done this". I just said "Jo Hota Hain Achae Ke Liya Hota Hain" and thats where i did the wrong.

We began our journey home and on way Rain God decided to play and he was accompanied by Wind God. Lord of Thunder and Lightning were not late in joining them. We didnt had any option but to take refuge in a bus stop. Had the waiter not delayed, my friend would have been in his home instead of getting drenched in the rain.Thats when my friend sarcastically remarked "Jo Hotha Hain Acha Ke Liye Hota Hain".

But thats when I got a chance to see so many things happening at the bus stop. As the rain got heavy, we found that the bus stop didn't protect too much of us from the rain onslaught. Again my friend repeated my dialogue. Me and my golden words.

We spent around thirty minutes at the bus stop and saw the anxiety of the various people who stood at the bus stand for the rains to slow down so they can reach their homes early and safely. Some were cursing the heavy rains and some were praying for the rains to stop. But will the rains listen to any of them.

I want to be like that rain, pouring down my emotions, thoughts and feeling without any fear as and when i like and not heeding to any criticisms or praises.

Kehte Hain Naa... Jo Hota Hain Achae Ke Liye Hota Hain....Sach Kehta Hain

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