Sunday, June 15, 2008

Eee Monday Yaakagida

How do you feel like coming to office on a Monday morning after enjoying a good weekend. A hangover feeling rite.

My good friend was requesting to get herself kidnapped so that she can avoid work pressure for some more days.

Is there any better way to come over the hangover ?
***What about bringing your alter ego to life and asking him to go to work while you stay at home. Na Na, he may spoil your image.
***What about asking the God to freeze the Sunday and not allow the Monday to come. He will not agree. He enjoys when he sees us in the rat race.
***What about calling the office and telling that there is a bomb planted. Na Na, they will trace anyway and put you either under surveillance or send you to the psychiatrist.
*** Be in Honolulu and tell your boss that its still Sunday when he calls u on Monday morning from India (It is at least 16 hours difference).
*** Someone convince Vindhya Mountain once again to block the path of Sun so that he can come up late like he did before being fooled by Sage Agasthya.

Anybody out there, give me some good idea to come out of the hangover na.

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