Friday, May 22, 2009

Can't go Back!

Sitting alone on the rocks with a gloomy face, Prem was looking at the Power Station and quoted as Dhanya approached him, "They say if you lie between two of the main wires, your body just evaporates... you become a gas. I wonder what that would feel like."*
Dhanya felt shocked on hearing such a sad statement from ever-enthusiastic Prem and wandered what could have happened to him during the last weekend when she was out of station.

Prem gave a recap of how his old sweetheart Simran with whome the relationship had broken, some three months back, spoke to him after a long hiatus. Prem was happy on hearing her ever-sweet voice and hoped that he could continue at least the friendship and be a good soulmate, if not a life partner to Simran. But Simran didn't like the idea of soulmate and she always remembered the good ole days and wanted to return to them. But Prem couldn not give her any commitment and his words definitely upset her more, "I may have stopped loving you, but I wont't stop loving the days that I loved you."**

Dhanya wanted to scold Prem, but she controlled herself from shouting, "Why did you both try to open a closed chapter? Why do you want to further deepen the wounds?"
Prem laughed at her, "A Closed chapter!!!!!? Once you loved someone, its not easy to forget her. Its not something like a fiction novel that you read and throw it. It haunts and would continue to haunt. All one has to do is try to live with it and move ahead in life.... "
Dhanya was not satisfied, "It happens, Prem. You are trying to justify your move and also to alleviate the pain. Unknowingly you are encouraging the pain to grow within you... Why are you doing like this?"

Dhanya sat there with Prem, "Far from the maddening crowd, this atmosphere is conducive to encourage positive thoughts. Not to dwell in the past and carry the baggage and make yourself heavy. You are polluting the environment along with that Thermal Plant..."
Prem looked around in silence, "At least, this place gives me some privacy. Here its only we.... me and her thoughts...."
Dhanya wanted to get Prem out of that mood, " Prem.... You need to be treated immediately... before this disease takes you over completely... And the best medicine for the same is friendship and that too with high dosage and I would definitely provide it..... But It would work only if you promise not to revisit this area - physical as well as mental..."

Prem thought Dhanya was right and that he needed to put a check upon himself, "Okay....Okay Girl!. I don't know how you make me agree with you, so quickly and easily. But I will obey you. You have put the NO TRESSPASSING sign and I will see that I don't cross into that zone again."
That brought a smile on Dhanya's face, "And if you are caught ever tresspassing, this sheriff will definitely give a lenghtier sermon next time and it would be the final time she talks to you."

Saying so, Dhanya got him to return with her to the base. On their way back, Dhanya emphasised the importance of friendship and how it scores over love, "You Know, Prem! One day, Love met Friendship and Love asked 'Why do you exist when I am here?' Friendship replied 'To put smiles on faces where you leave tears.' I will always be there for you, Prem...."***
Prem smiled at her and at her attempts to comfort him.

(* From the Movie Election
** From a Ruskin Bond story.
*** Anonymous)


Priya Joyce said...

this is very true..and u know what I take it as an inspiration...

it felt great to read that quote...

lovely superb...

DPhatsez said...

Suresh, start writing for Mills&Boon.You'll make a fortune writing love stories.
Or better yet, your material is perfect for mega-serials. You've managed to get a non-mushy person to keep reading your works. :)

Keep 'em coming!

Arjun said...

When are you bringing Simran and Prem together? Uff... now I'm following your blog like a TV serial

Prathima Bhat said...

First love is very special. It is something to be remembered for a lifetime but not something for which entire life should be wasted in grieving incase its lost....

Sometimes we get what we want & sometimes we get what we need...

Tara said...

Get into book writing buddy! Fast! We need this dose of Suresh's magical pen everyday! Beautifully strung, yet again. :) Great job, keep going! :)

Indian John Doe said...

That quote from the Ruskin Bond novel is just priceless :)
I agree with some of the people's becoming a soap :P

Keshi said...

As always, excellent expressions here!

**On their way back, Dhanya emphasised the importance of friendship and how it scores over love

I really liked the way u put it. u pick the tiniest yet very imp elements of r'ships, and convert them into neat words n expressions. u hv a great talent there Suresh!


ApocalypsE said...

Love met Friendship and Love asked 'Why do you exist when I am here?' Friendship replied 'To put smiles on faces where you leave tears....

just awesome.... :)

Lena said...

that was a very emotional chapter, one needs a special talent to be able to show emotions of the characters :)

The Colors Magazine

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Priya
ty.... And I liked it when u said u take it as an inspiration

@ Arun
Ty.... Mills&Boon AND Mega Serials.... No they r not my cup of tea.... Last some posts are sentimental... but not most of them...

@ Arjun
Presume its not in my hand to bring Prem and Simran together....

@ Prathima Bhat
**Sometimes we get what we want & sometimes we get what we need.**
Beautifully said

@ Tara
Ty... thx a lot for encouraging....

@ Indian John Doe...
**it's becoming a soap**
that frightens me.... I am not the one who likes soaps :)

@ Keshi
Thx a lot for those encouraging words..

@ Nirmal
Thx a lot

@ Lena
Thx a lot... well sometimes experiences help us to write in such a manner....

Meira said...

Will this friendship brew into love..lets wait n watch :D

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