Monday, May 18, 2009

Here they go.... Here they come....!

Prem looked at the photo of the cutie, handed over by Dhanya and Dhanya explained the girl, "She is five feet six, wheatish, very traditional and has just completed two years of her graduation.... Just the right girl for you.". Prem turned his eyes away from the photo for a moment, "What the hell do you mean?". Dhanya reasoned out, "I overheard your mother saying to your father of what kind of girl she wants for her only son." Prem loved his mother and avoided saying something against his mother, "But she is just a kid..... If I marry her, then the same fate that fell upon Adithya would fall upon me...." Dhanya was interested in knowing more about Adithya and the fate that fell upon him. Its story time!

Prem began the story, " It seems to have become a universally acknowledged truth that a man in possession of a good fortune, nowadays read as good job, must be in want of a wife*. Adithya was a software engineer and like most of them was working in that dreamed land across the seven seas. So obviously, parents decided it was right time for him to tie the three sacred knots. But his overseas employers gave him a meager two weeks leave. Was it the paucity of time or his instincts, I don't know, but he selected this young village girl who had just completed her second year of graduation. The girl's father was a priest at a temple and hardly knew as to what exactly did the software engineers do. So the engagement and marriage and the farewell happened in a quick succession and that too within 15 days..."
Dhanya always liked romantic stories, "Even the general elections took 30 days to complete.... Whatever it be, I hope the honeymoon was a lengthier one...."

Prem smiled, "G.B.Shaw truly said, 'when a man marries he gets a partner to solve the problems which would not have occurred had he not married'. For some days, the girl was very silent as she missed her dear home. Even at the parties, she found it difficult to mingle. But after some days it got worse as she started crying like a small baby. He tried all he could do to comfort her. But nothing worked. Even her own parents failed to change her mind. Adithya went out of the way to reduce her tears. He tried to bring the Indian atmosphere to that American Apartment. The shelves was filled with DVDs of old mythological serials. He spent hours in finding Kannada journals and magazines. Weekends was spent in the Indian Hotels and Temples. But all he got to hear was loud shrieks and curses from his wife. She found him guilty for ruining her happiness and taking away her youth. Adithya decided that he had to let her go and so got her a one-way ticket to India. But she lacked the courage to fly alone to India. So the responsible husband convinced his boss to grant him a week's leave and thus brought her back to India..."
Dhanya had to comment before Prem proceeded with the story, "That's a good pair. A soft guy with a soft girl. A tearjerker honeymoon...."

Prem continued the story, "As soon as she reached home, Smiles and laughs replaced all her tears and fears. He stayed there for some time seeing her mingle with the local people and talking her heart out and enjoyed every bit of it. But most of the time, Adithya found himself in front of his laptop and answering the mobile calls. Then the time came to depart for America. He couldn't delay any further as his American Boss was already shouting over the phone. He didn't want his boss to welcome him with a pink slip. But the Girl started the weeping drama once again as she was not ready to leave her husband. At the same time she was not ready to accompany him. It was a Catch-22 situation for Adithya. He had started liking this girl. At the same time the job meant a lot to him."
Dhanya was enjoying this romantic tale, "Don't tell me that it ends 'Happily ever after'. I believe he gave his ambitions the top priority and went to America, never to return to her...."
Prem corrected her, "Love is like a wet cement. And so Adithya was in that wet cement. The longer you stay, the harder to leave. And he had definitely stayed longer. So He left!.... He left his job!... He left his dreams of America!... He stayed back with this child-like girl in India. He had fallen for her simplicity and innocence..."

Dhanya started to depart, "Why don't you sell this story to Bollywood? Like dinosaurs, such boys have all together become extinct from the face of the earth.... And give that photo back...."

(* from Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen)


Prathima Bhat said...

I guess Adithya's wife needed some time to be spent in India aft their marriage, where both of them could understand eachother..
May be she felt like staying with the stranger whom she was forced to call as husband !!
Anyway, there is no issue to live and work in India except for the compromise of comfort..

Keshi said...

**Love is like a wet cement

Interesting analogy! :)

So does this mean if I stay longer, I'd NEVER be able to DETACH myself from it?


Farila said...

Hi Your blogs make an interesting reading.. anyway I do not see the option to follow them.. Connect with me on so that we can share our reading...

Priya Joyce said...

i loved that "love is like wet -cement " thing :P makes it far as I can see...i get that message out of all relationships !!

Smi said...

omg...pls someone narrate this story aloud to my husband...
I too want to go baaaaaaack to India :(((

Indian John Doe said...

Interesting one...however I failed to derive the crux out of this one...what's the message?

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Prathima Bhat
Beautiful thoughts over there.... But some parents don't think that way....
The story was inspired from a kannada article that I read a long time back.

@ Keshi
Can't say NEVER, but you find it very hard to detach...

@ Farilla
Welcome to my blog

@ Priya Joyce..
Sometimes people change their complete nature to their partners just out of the force of sheer love

@ Smi
Why don't you try yourself to tell him the story.... And By the way, this was partly inspired from a real life experience I read some times back..

@ Indian John Doe..
No great message, but a simple message of love and how people adjust themselves to be with their partner.

Meira said...

Hmm..good boy, Adithya :D

JyotiAjay said...

interesting blog.keep writing.

Arjun said...

Love is like a wet cement.... from where do you get such witty lines Suresh? :)
Well... I don't know if Adithya can sell his story to a Bollywood filmmaker...but you can definitely sell this entire blog to a sitcom producer on Hindi television... it can be a sensible sitcom.. :)

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