Friday, May 15, 2009

Life Without You!

It was Shreya's marriage that day. Prem had decided not to attend the wedding, though she was a good friend. But rather decided to visit Mr Raj, the boy whom she had ditched for some good-looking, high profile guy. Prem thought that a long drive and a visit to some places would bring comfort to the dejected lover. All along the journey, Raj hardly spoke for a second.

They came to the outskirts of the city and to a place where they frequented as youngsters.It was a open field with a railway track running nearby. Prem tried to remember how they enjoyed those beautiful days, "How I just wished that like in the game of a musical chairs, the music would cease to play, while one remains glued to the chair of childhood."
But Raj was not listening. He was watching the railway tracks and suddenly told Prem, "I am feeling very sleepy. Leave me alone, Prem...."
But Prem was not ready to leave this guy all alone to himself, "But where will you sleep?"
When Raj pointed towards the railway track, a knife-like fear chilled Prem's spine, as he got aware that Raj was depressed and had developed a suicidal tendency.

He decided to take him away from the spot and towards their college, hoping that memoirs of college days would help this guy out. The college has grown more than Prem thought and it has now grown to five storied building. Prem remembered Aamir's dialogue, "College Gate ke andhar, hum LIFE ko nachathe hain and College Gate ke bahaar, LIFE humein nachathi hain".
But Raj was eagerly gazing at the top of the building and immediately desired to go to the roof top. Raj knew that a dive from the top to the concrete floor below would yield the desired results. Prem recognized the twinkle in his eyes and found a good excuse, "I think the lift is out of order and I lack strength to climb up the stairs...Lets go and get something for our stomach...."

Even at the restaurant, Raj showed his suicidal tendency. When the waiter came to take his order, Raj asked for a dose of rat poison. The manager saw that both of them were thrown out.

Prem had enough and he decided to take Raj to a psychiatrist. But Raj had already taken control of the wheels. Prem found it hard to shake this guy off. His heartbeats started pounding, as Raj broke all the speed barriers. Within minutes, they had entered the city. It seemed that Raj had forgotten that there was a thing called brake in the vehicle. He nearly sandwiched the car by taking it between two heavy vehicles. Road Humps and potholes were ignored altogether. Turns were taken without even giving the proper signals or blowing the horns. Prem was transpiring profusely and tried to explain, "Raj! Don't forget that there is another person in the vehicle who could be seriously hurt if you drive in this fashion. I am a person with lots of desires, ambitions. And definitely I don't want to die without marrying or having kids da. My parents are waiting for me at home.. So are Yours da.."

Suddenly Raj applied the brakes and with a sorrow face looked at Prem and saying a simple sorry, got down the car. But Prem followed him alone and tried to talk some sense into him, "Even this life is journey. Your parents are the fellow passengers. Dont smash their dreams into smithereens. Just because a girl has left you, can you simply abandon your parents? One should face all the worse things in life with fortitude. Alert the Thinking Man within you and put that Prince of Darkness to sleep..."
Raj looked at him, "I do understand.... I need to take control of myself.... And I had never had the courage to kill myself. Even If I want to, I can't."
Prem found it hard to believe. He looked around and found that the car was stopped outside a marriage hall. It was the place where Shreya was getting married. Prem didn't knew what was Raj up to and again fear gripped him. He ran inside and surprisingly found Raj wishing the bride and bridegroom with a smiling face.
When he came down the dais, Prem expressed his fear, "I thought you were going to kill her or say something stupid!"
Raj remarked coolly, "Some people are still alive because it is illegal to shoot them.. And its really easy to be a wise man. Think something stupid to say and then don't say it all**."
Prem found his friend to be a very strong person and gave him a big bear hug.

(Quote by Sam levinson)


Priya Joyce said...

When raj was doing all sorts of stuffs..I thought..he 's gonna do something crazyy..

but no..the end was niice..the unexpected i'd say...
well liked the quote too!!

DPhatsez said...

Awesome Quote! \m/

Your writing is gripping because till the last moment i thought Raj would go bonkers!

Keep them coming Suresh!

Zainab Dhanji said...

In the war btw instincts and reason... rationality won!
Hails to Raj!

Indian John Doe said...

I was expecting Raj to reach the marriage hall and somehow manage to convince Shreya...but life's not fair...

Prathima Bhat said...

Awesome :)
Shreya would definitely cry after Raj wished her with the smile...
Raj needs a round of applause for his courage to come to his girlfriend’s marriage!!

Smi said...

Raj took lot of courage to say nothing ..This is going to haunt him more now..

Keshi said...

**"Even this life is journey. Your parents are the fellow passengers. Dont smash their dreams into smithereens. Just because a girl has left you, can you simply abandon your parents?

I really like how u put it!


Suresh Kumar said...

@ Priya
Ty...Some people appear crazy but they do have full control over them :)

@ DPhatsez
Ty.... sure would... and all the best for your exams

@ Zainab
Welcome to my blog.

@ Indian John Doe...
We can't blame Life.... Its all about experiences and learning...

@ Prathima Bhat
Ty.... Smile can do wonders na... It can even make someone cry...

@ Smi
Haunt Raj.... But I think it would make him feel light.... Can you explain me how it will haunt?

@ Keshi
Ty.... Nice to see u back...

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