Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lets Dream A Bit

"So Hows the romance going between you two?", inquired Simran to her close friend Deepa who was about to married in a day or two. Deepa looked dull, "What Should I Say? He is a intelligent person and a nice gentleman, but not that romantic. " Simran was sad that her friend was missing that romantic spark in her life, "Well... Never give up... Just cook something... Call him and tell him about your dreams..."

Deepa decided to give it a try. So she took her cellphone and dialed her would-be Mr Raman. She put the device on the speaker mode. The conversation started normally with the regular questions, ''how r u?' 'had ur breakfast?' and so on and so on. Simran was getting bored and was about to go to sleep. So Deepa suddenly shifted the tone of the conversation, "These days.... I am not able to get good sleep... I am getting too much dreams...."
There was some excitement at the other end, "That's great! You Know.... Dreams may paralyze your body, but they will highly activate your brain... Dreams are important for the psychological well being...."

Simran gave a 'what-the-hell-is-this' look and hissed slowly at Deepa, "Am I at some seminar or what?"
Deepa was a little gentle and didn't push her would be to divert the subject, "But I am getting nightmares.....frightening nightmares..."
This gave an opportunity to the intellectual on the other end to share some more information "That's superb. There is no need to worry. You know the inventor of the sewing machine, Elias Howe was not able to work out how to make the sewing machine hold a needle. One night he dream t of being attacked by savages with spears. And as he woke up in terror, the last thing he saw that all of their spears had holes at the pointed tip of the spear and he realized that is where you put the hole in the sewing machine. Nightmare presents us solutions to problems that we can't crack with normal mind"

Simran blurted out at a very low decibel level, "Well! The Problem is you, Mr Ph.D!"
Deepa didn't want to show her irritations and continued, "Well... In my nightmares.... I see beasts and monsters..."
Raman was not at all trying to give comfort to his girl, "You know some of the great literary works owe a lot of gratitude to the dreamy world. Had Mary Shelly not seen that monster Frankestein in her dreams, we would not have been able to read that great novel..."

Simran just shook her head and advised her friend Deepa to change the topic, 'This guy reminds me of my economics lecturer. He made us realize of how long a hour actually is. Now comes your fiancee..."
Deepa still maintained her cool but somehow still remained in the topic, "Well... My dreams are nightmares with mosters in it and symbols that I am not able to make any sense of it..."
Raman touched upon this issue with even more elegance, "No!... All dreams have some meaning.... The classic symbol of science, the periodical table of elements is said to have come to the Russian Chemist Dmitri Mendeleev in his dreams... Had he ignored those strange symbols as meaningless, The science would have lost a great deal..."

Simran prepared to leave the scene and wished all the best for her friend.
Deepa wanted to put the phone down, but had a last question to her fiance, "Don't you dream ?"
The guy replied confidently, "No.... I don't dream.."
Deepa's question flowed immediately, "And why not?"
The unromantic fellow answered in a calm manner, "Because.... I find it hard to asleep..."
Deepa found herself questioning the answer once more, "And why is it?"
The answer from the unromantic guy left both of the girls speechless, " Because with You coming into my life... Reality is finally better than the dreams..."

(Inspired from the documentary 'why do we dream' presented in the Horizon Series aired on BBC.(all the examples are taken from the same)
The last quote is by Dr Seuss.)


Keshi said...

wonderfully written Suresh!

**Reality is finally better than the dreams

I so love that line WOW!


Priya Joyce said...

well ultimately...he proved he was romantikk too :P

I actually was waiting for such an end ..coz always u twist i knew this tym too u were gonna do it :P

well written re :P

Prathima Bhat said...

I guess Mr.Raman was simply behaving as though he is not understanding any of her hints:)

My friend had behaved unromantic with her hubby just to irritate him!! Sounded a bit weird, but still she found some kind of happiness in irritating him it seems!!...
Strange!! Isn't it?

Arjun said...

Wow! The last line gave the real punch. Really nice.. though surprising.

ApocalypsE said...

that was damn romantic, with you in my life reality would be better than dreams...

But I kinda expected, he would "I dream... a lot... I dream about every day every night eben when I not asleep:... :)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Keshi
Ty Keshi....

@ Priya Joyce
Am i getting predictable?

@ Prathim Bhat
Yeah... Even my sis likes to do the same with my BIL.... I think girls get some kind of pleasure doing that one...:)

@ Arjun
Yeah... But last line was not by me... but taken from Dr Seuss..

@ Nirmal
That's a very cute dialogue... BTW how was the exams?

Indian John Doe said...

The last line was the saviour...priceless!

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