Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Miracles Do Happen

Nature is the one place where miracles not only happen, but happen all the time.
--Thomas Wolfe

Miss Vaidehi , a lady in her early thirties lead a very lonely life. She had lost her parents a few years back. She had a successful career as a bank manager and moved from one city to another. The city she was now posted was the one where she and her brother were born. But her brother was given away for adoption at the very young age of three itself and she has not seen him after that. Somehow Viadehi wanted to search for her brother after a long hiatus of fifteen years. All that she had was the photo of her brother when he was three. The police and private eyes were not of much help to her.

When she had lost all hope, Dhanya asked the lady to give her a chance. Dhanya was confident that after watching re runs of Sherlock Holmes Series, she had picked up some detective traits. Her boyfriend Madan unwittingly became her Watson. He felt that it was nothing but waste of time and efforts "Like Calvin says, Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless...", Seeing a angry face of Dhanya, he quickly threw a question, "But how do you intend to find him with this only photo..."
Dhanya put herself in the great detective's shoes, "Think! What would Sherlock done had he been given this case ..."
Madan's mind never ran that fast... He only knew how to make his computer run fast...
So Dhanya answerd the question herself, "Jisska koi nahin uska INTERNET hota hain... There are some sketch artists available for some fees. They have the talent,You have the credit card. If we give them the childhood photo and also the age progression, they arrive at a comprehensive sketch of the person as he may look now..."
This was general knowledge to him. After a hour or so, the sketch was ready...

Madan was really excited, "So whats next?. Post this Picture on college walls and at market places or put it in the missing section of the newspapers?"
Dhanya felt awkward on hearing such a suggestion, "Issac Asimov must have met you when he said that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom" and went to explain her strategy, "I will download this image on to the cellphone and forward it to my ten best pals on the contact list and they in turn to their ten best pals and so on.... the chain continues...."
Madan felt the idea may not work, "But the chain may break somewhere...."
Dhanya comforted him, "Not.... if the message is strong..." and she dictated her message as she typed it, "This Trash is wanted for breaking the heart of my best friend. Any person who knows about his whereabouts, kindly call or message me at this number........."
After an hour, a message beeped, "You can find this waste body at the ARR College of Fine Arts... No further details available..."

Madan thought that it was the time to start the bike and go to that college. But Dhanya said "Is your brain in gear?. When we can do it from the comforts of home, why go such a long distance.. Gimme your orkut user id and password...."
Madan never said NO to his girlfriend. Moments later he found his girlfriend looking at the ARR College Orkut Community. The community had a nice description of the college, 'The lecturers don't teach.The students don't study. The only guy who benefits is the one who owns the
'dhaba' next to the college
**'. Further she looked for a friend of Madan in the community and luck favored her as she found such a friend.
Madan never knew he had a friend from such college! This time Madan was quick in understanding as to what he was required to do. He just ringed the number and got the home address and cell number of the boy.

When she heard the address, she cried out, "OMG! Jisse Dunda Gali Gali Who Ghar Ki Peeche Milli... This Boy lives across the street and very next to the that lady's house.... That boy, who most of the time practices with that electronic guitar and ruins the peace and serenity of the neighborhood...That's her brother.... I have rarely seen him out of his home....They have been living next door to each other for the last six months and never had a clue that they were brother and sister!"
The found was announced and the young man's foster parents confirmed the same.

Lady Vaidehi was a bit annoyed at God though delighted at the same time and with tears in her eyes, she hugged her brother for the first time after fifteen long years. Turning to Dhanya, she remarked, "The tendency of an event to occur varies inversely with one's preparation of it*. That boy was annoying me with his early morning and late night guitar practices and I was trying to find a way to escape from the nightmare. Now It seems I have no choice but to live with this masterpiece creation of my parents..... "
Dhanya remembered her, "Don't forget! You are his bigger sister. You can even break his guitar and save the entire neighborhood...."

(PS: If you think these kind of things happen only in bollywood movies and TV Serials, please do read this article at http://edition.cnn.com/2009/US/05/20/louisiana.brother.next.door/index.html)

*Quote of David Searles
**From Orkut


Priya Joyce said...

well well well

i'd juss say cleva dhanya...

she cud hav just sent a message as lost plz inform.but she created sensation...hehehe.....lol

the last part was comedy indeed...

i' say u r the sherlock holmes behind this post :)

Meira said...

wow! whats more amazing is that this happens in reality. and that you capture it well :)

Arjun said...

Well... So Manmohan Desai has a supporter here :)
DO you intend to carry forward his mantle Suresh? Lost and Found...

DPhatsez said...

"Elementary, my dear Madan"


Indian John Doe said...

It would have been better if you had posted some pic of the child and then followed by a sketch ;)
Makes the story look better :)

LOLzz at your hindi...sorry mate can't help :D

I was about to say that I wish this happens in real life as well...but then I read the last part...

Keshi said...

u r one of THE BEST story-tellers in Blogville, I can vouch for that!!!


Farila said...

I have been watching lot of bollywood (s)hits recently and was bored to death.. This beats it all .. LOL
And BTW thanks for the good comments on my blogs..Are you still in Mangalore. I need to catch up with your blog when I am more free

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Priya Joyce
Hmm... Not really me... the nature is . It finds ways to get people come together

@ Meira

@ Arjun...
No way... Manmohan desai and me... no chance... But I liked the pace with which he took the story... no time to rest..

@ Arun
Yeah... Very Elementary and Madan was never upto it.

@ Indian John Doe.
Agree with you... That's a great idea...
No probs if u laugh at my Hindi... But correct me whenever I am wrong... ok?

@ Keshi..
So much praise.... Can I handle it? :)

@ Farilla.
Well I am working in Mangalore....
Keep visiting...

Meghaa said...

Wow amazing story... and i got to knw that internet and orkut can really do wonders... beautifully wirtten...

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