Saturday, June 6, 2009

The New Dawn - 2, The Crow's View

The old crow was sitting to itself on the high tension wire just outside Prem's house and watching Prem as he worked on his PC. Another young crow joined the older one and greeted it, "Sir! May I know what are you doing alone here?" The old crow pointing at Prem's direction, "I am studying him!" The young crow felt like laughing, "Well! Human Scientists are studying us and calling us intelligent birds. At least one among us is proving it right by studying them. That's great! And so what are your findings still now!"

The Old Crow reluctantly started talking, "He is just back after meeting with Ujjaini, the girl his mother has selected for him. The girl proposed to him with some catchy lines, 'I am Good. But not an angel. I do sin. But I am not the devil. I am pretty. But not beautiful. I have friends. But I am not the peacemaker. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love and I have found you**' And guess what this young man told her. Like the interviewer says to the job candidate, he returned her proposal with ' I will let you know in a day or two'."
The young crow was acting very smart which irritated the old crow, "Humans! So Silly! I know about these men and women. Women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid...**"
The young crow was disturbing the old crow's analysis

As the crows were studying the situation, Prem's mother darted into the room demanding an immediate answer to the girls proposal. Prem's mother tried everything under the sun to get a Yes from his son, "Son... It's time you got a hand to hold and a heart to understand**.... Don't cheat yourself out of love... Its is the most terrible deception**... Say YES...."
The young crow suddenly bursted out, "OMG! That lady is begging... no ...cawing for a YES. But why can't he just say YES!..."
The old wise crow knew very well what was going inside Prem's head, "Half of the troubles in this life can be traced to saying YES too quickly**...."

As Prem's mother went out of the room angrily, Prem just opened the orkut profile of his old sweetheart Simran. It felt to the Old Crow that Prem was going into a meditative mood. All of suddenly, the rough voice of Prem's father filled the atmosphere accusing Prem of irresponsibility and fear of commitment.
The young crow couldn't digest this fact, "Can't understand these Humans! When women hold off from marrying, they call it independence. When men hold off from marrying, they call it fear of commitment...**"
The old crow just dispensed some wisdom, "Its not like that, young fellow. This is how a family works. Each one performing their roles and responsibilities and complenting other members. Family is not something you put with on national holidays...."

Then something unexpected happened. Prem closed Simran's profile and opened Ujjaini's orkut profile. Prem became a bit restless not knowing what step to take. His room was a small one, but that didn't prevent him from walking up and down umpteen times before settling on the bed. Prem was seriously contemplating about something. He took a coin and tossed it. It landed heads and a smile landed on Prem's face. He sat again in front of the computer and then sent Ujjaini a friendship request, " You know each and everything about me and still want to be a friend. How can I refuse it? " The Old Crow flew towards the window to have a closer look at the picture of the new girl in Prem's life.

The young crow didn't budge from the spot and teased the old crow for being unnecessarily curious about the humans. Unknowingly the young crow's body touched another wire and suddenly a mild shock ran through its entire body. It cawed in a high pitch and the next moment it fell down to the ground with a thud. Luckily it was not electrocuted. Prem just looked out of the window and remarked which made the old crow bury its face in complete disgrace, "Thousands of crows die sitting on those high tension wires every year. Still these silly birds wants to perch themselves on those lines. What they do? Spy on humans? Whoever said, Crows are intelligent?"

(Quotes in the order of appearance
** Marilyn Monroe** George Carlin**Andy Rooney**Soren Kierkegaard**Josh Billings **Warren Farrell)


Priya Joyce said...

ahaaa...prem is in full doubt..I too am in great doubts...abt ujjaini..she doesn't seem to fit into prem's character..i mean I thnk she isn't the correct gal..simran was the best well still lets see wat happens wat does prem's mind tell him to do ;)

getting interesting :P

abt the crow..hahaha...por thing ;)

Arjun said...

This is strange. Now you are taking us around with this new girl in the picture.

Yes Suresh, making a movie.. or documentary.. is there on the cards. But when, I don't know :)

DPhatsez said...

"Jhoot bole Kauwa kaate!"

Been following the new dawn. Continue the series sir :)

Meira said...

Hey...I kinda agree with Priya Joyce. Ujjaini is so unlike Simran. No wonder Prem has his doubts :)

The Colors Magazine said...

it really is getting interesting, each time i enjoy the improving of your writing :)
and apt use of quotes too!! great job :)

Keshi said...

Prem n Simran r an item, no matter how many new girls come into the picture :)

I like the crows-on-wire that was something!


ApocalypsE said...

I thought prem and simran would eventually be together, with ujjaini now in the picture its kinda hard to say...

last part was funny... spy on us humans... sometimes i think they do... :D

Hopeless Romantic said...

hey...nice blog..saw ur comment on my latest post...following u ...keep in touch..wld come back to read all ur stories :)

btw, what ur blog name means?


Suresh Kumar said...

@ Priya Joyce
For time being, he is in a confused state.... total confusion

@ Arjun
Well... He can't forever think of the girl from whom he has separated na...

@ DPhatez
Kaatne se pehle hi Kauwa ko shokh laga na....

@ Meira
Best is rare to find...

@ Lena
Thanx a lot

@ Keshi
Hmm... I am trying to fit in a new love interest for Prem....

@ Nirmal
They do... Some here believe they represent the deceased and they watch over us...

@ Amit
Thx and keep coming

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Amit
Edhey Thumbi Haaduvenu means singing to the hearts content

Keshi said...

just to spice up the story ha? Well we hope to tolerate that. ;-)


Shanu said...

A whole new perspective I say!! Lol..Funny!!

Cinderella said...

hey.. i guess its time to welcome a new lady love for Prem.. and I wish Simaran too gets someone, who can be a good friend to her and can understand all that she felt for Prem.

So.. after a long time, our hero has something to look forward too :)

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