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The New Dawn Final: One Last Time

"This young actor is pleading with me to give him a chance to act in my next play. Could you please take his small screen test!" Reluctantly Simran agreed to this request of her editor who was also into writing and directing plays.

So there!... She was at that Restaurant sitting with the young actor Bala. Simran was not that keen on taking any screen test and was just happy to close the matter with few questions on his education and experience in theater. But Bala who was hardly eighteen was more than eager to display the immense talents he had picked up from his Master. Bala spoke of how he had mastered the Nava Rasas(the nine emotions) and wanted to give a presentation. Simran was more concerned of what was contained in the paper rather than what was bubbling inside the young man.
Suddenly she got a pat on her back... literally. Turning around she found Sharanya, Prem's colleague. After a quick Hi, Sharanya just pulled the chair and joined them.

She didn't take much time to break the news to Simran, "Your Prem may get engaged in few days!...." She expected a outburst of some kind of emotion from Simran. But Simran just had two lines to say, "That's Great!" and she said them with a nice smile on her face.
Sharanya was surprised at Simran's reponse to the news, "Aren't you angry on hearing the news!" The actor inside Bala got awakened when he heard the word Angry and he banged the table very furiously. His face started turning red and his body leaned forward with a clinched fist. Sharanya unaware of the screen test, tried to calm the young boy, "Oye! Angry young man! What's your problem?... Don't worry! The order will come! Have patience!"
Simran congratulated the young man, "Nice display of Raudra rasa (emotion of anger). Bala! That's Enough! People may think that you are possessed and have you thrown out!" Before Sharanya could make out what was going on, Simran started addressing her,"Why and What should I be angry at in the first place? I don't have any control over him. I know my preferences in life and have realized that Prem can only be a good friend in life. So what's there to be angry about?"

The order was served to their table. Sharanya was still interested in taking forward the conversation, "You're saying that this news doesn't make you sad at all...."
Bala caught the word sad and was quick to act. He made a gloomy face, his body dropped and he put both his hands over the cheeks. Sharanya was still clueless of the young man's behavioral changes, "Oye! What a transformation! From Angry young man to Dukhi Mann Mere*.... What's wrong? Aren't you happy with the dishes being served? You can order anything you like! I am the sponsor today..."
Simran again smiled at Bala, "Hmm.... shokha rasa... the emotion of sadness. It looks more like you are being subjected to a electric shock rather than any emotional shokh....Negative Marks!" Sharanya was now able to come to a conclusion about the young boy. But before she could say anything, Simran was removing her doubts, "And this emotion of sadness has definitely not taken over me. And what is there to grieve about, anyway. Yes! .... When I look back at the year of laughter and fun filled moments that I had with him, it will bring tears to my eyes... But it is not out of sadness...Why should I brood over the past?...."

For some time, Sharanya dropped the topic. But she was restless and needed to hear more from Simran. And so she burst out, "Don't tell me you're happy for him?..."
Bala immediately started displaying the emotion of happiness. This time Sharanya was not to be fooled and she didn't want any irritation, "If you are so happy, here! take this!" and handed over the bill, " can pay it!....". Bala became speechless and was devoid of any expression when he saw the bill amount. Sharanya teased the boy, "Now! What do they call this expression on your face? "
Simran saved the boy from the trouble and took the bill, "I would be more than happy to pay this bill. And I am equally happy on listening to the news that my Prem has got engaged... I am happy if he has found the one who will love him for the lifetime.I can only wish that good things happen to him." As she said those lines, tears trickled down her cheeks.

When the waiter returned with the change, Simran complimented Bala on his acting skills, "Full marks for your talent. I will recommend your name to my editor." The boy was more than happy and thanking Simran, departed from the scene. Simran turned to Sharanya, "See! Its so easy to be happy! Make others happy and you will also be happy! Convey my best wishes to Prem and the girl."

(PS *Dukhi Mann Mere (Sad is my mind) Song of Kishore Kumar associated with extreme sadness.
** Thanks to Ananditha and Priya for helping me with the Post)
This is the 100th post in the Prem-Simran stories and I am ending the love story of Prem and Simran here. It all started on July 25, 2008 (click here) when a boy proposed to a girl (At that time I didn't knew they were Prem and Simran :) )

I hope all of you have liked my Prem Simran stories. Do you feel I need to continue with the same series or try to write something different? Please do let me know your opinion.


Hopeless Romantic said...

wow...awesome man !

If you dont have an issue, i would like to know ur profession

very intricate details covered up, i wld suggest keep them all coming!

keep penning..lovely work


Dhandal said...

Its difficult and takes a lot of courage for a girl (for that matter anyone) to see your ex get engaged with someone else.
But at the end of the day certain things are destined to happen.
Its only for the good of both that they be happy for each other and live their lives in a fulfilling manner....
Thanks for mentioning me in your post! Its a pleasure that i could be of some help!

- Anandita.

Smi said...

hmm ..I have just caught up with your blog recently ,I meant not from July 2008 so cud not enjoy reading all the Prem-Simran series.

for new readers I guess new names with similar line of stories shud be good..

And for the old readers,it will refreshing

Keshi said...

What a GIRL! Simran rocks. Thats the attitude every TRUE LOVER should hv. If u cant be together, that doesnt mean u should brood, curse and be unhappy. Sometimes in life, we dun always get what we want. And she's got the right attitude.

**Simran turned to Sharanya, "See! Its so easy to be happy! Make others happy and you will also be happy!

very well-said!

I love the entire story and Im glad i cud read it here Suresh. ty for bringing it to us and the stellar scripts of ur's. I relaly enjoyed grasping some profound thoughts u always wrote in each chapter. Very welldone there Suresh!

**Do you feel I need to continue with the same series or try to write something different?

I believe that every GOOD story has an END. So let this be that End for Prem and Simran's story.

Now u can write a whole new story, with a new genre, if u wish to that is. And that will be something we can all look forward to :) Cos u write stories very well.


Prathima Bhat said...

Simran's attitude at the end was too good :) Loved the lines that she said...

Hmmm... I guess u can start a brand new series.. Truely, your amazing writer.. Looking forward for a fresh beginning of yet another series:)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Amit
I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and have recently started my own practice.

@ Ananditha
U hav summed it up nicely..

@ Smi
Yups.. I would definitely like to try something new...

@ Keshi
Thanks a lot, Keshi... You have been a wonderful support all along.. And I look forward for the same in the future too...

@ Prathima
Ty.... Will try to pen down something new at the earliest

Priya Joyce said...

this was simply awesome..really loved the way u incorporated the Guy who came for screen test.

had a good laugh wth that :P

the way she reacted was quite..subtle..
happy for him..leaving the other girl completely surprised.

and m happy that she came to know abt his new relationship from that gal..and not just all of a sudden while walkin on the road
this is wat i call subtle script..

n thnx for the mention :)

Priya Joyce said...

nd yeh i forgot to mention...plz do not stop writing these stories.
These simply rock!!

DPhatsez said...

The end of an Era! One year huh? COngrats. Ekta Kapoor is coming with your mega serial contract :)

Hey man! If you've decided to retire the characters its A-OK!
But don't stop writing.Explore and keep us guessing
All the best Suresh! \m/

moi said...

just read this post of yours after loggin in, I can't believe that your ending it.Hope you would continue...cheers and t.c

Shanu said...

Funny!! Well written

Arjun said...

What! Prem and Simran series is ending? I am very much tempted to tell you that you should continue with this series. I was quite late in joining this and even more late in commenting on these posts. But I must say it was a joyful ride. I felt I was watching a sitcom everytime I read this. Do continue if you feel so. But as they say, every good thing has to come to an end. We will miss Prem and Simran. But I would also love to see their new avtar.

Arjun said...

Can you me more about yourself Suresh? Just felt like asking this, since you write so wonderfully. Did you think of converting this into a script for a TV series?

Smi said...

Yes I did have lot a patience to wait for dinner..but that doesnt mean you keep all the readers waiting ...I am waiting for a new series or may be the old ones even:)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Priya
Ty... But cant say I can really continue the series.. Let me try...

@ Arun
will never allow ekta to touch these series...
and thanx for the encouraging words

@ Moi
I too would have loved to continue it. But good things don't last long. Thats what I learnt in life...

@ Shanu

@ Arjun
Never... Writing is just a passion.... But you never know...

@ Smi
Problem is that I had a wedding to attend and I was out of station for last five days...Now back home, there is some work backlog... will write a post very soon...

Kulpreet said...

Good story. Well told/ I am sure more will follow now that this is over. Best wishes and cheers!

Keshi said...

So ur taking a lil break? :)


Suresh Kumar said...

@ Kulpreet
I will be back very soon with more..

@ Keshi
Not a intended break... But with a marriage last week and backlog of work and also slow net at home is forcing me to delay my blog post.

Meira said...

heartiest congratulations :)
Do you want to continue the Prem-Simran series? I'd be glad to read anything you write...another new series would be great too :)

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