Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Argument Continues....

The characters appearing in the blog are all fictitious and any resemblance to characters already appeared in the blog is pure coincidental

"Preetham! Nice Name... But why did you change your name?" asked Manya to Preetham. Manya had joined Preetham's organization a day earlier and Preetham was trying to explain to her the reponsibilities of her position. But Manya knew Preetham from his early days and It was after two years that she was meeting him. So she had many questions to ask Preetham. Preetham smiled as he answered her question, "Hmm.... My girlfriend was told by the astrologer to change her small stylish name to a more unconventional Seema Rani, she forced the astrologer to give me a new name too. But the good astrologer found me a glamorous name Preetham...."

Manya smiled at the name game played by the astrologer and continued the chat, "You changed your name, your place, your job etc... But you haven't changed much... And Its two years since you got married. Hows that?"
Preetham just smiled to himself, "Its all because of the arguments we have.... don't misunderstand me.... Its healthy arguments.... now that she has gone to her mother's place for delivery and wouldn't be back for another three months, I miss those arguments very dearly.... Even during the sacred first night we had a heated argument..."
Now Manya definitely loved to hear that story. The job role description can wait for some time.

So Preetham started his story, "On that night, I just casually remarked to her, 'Is our meeting, just another random event in this bizarre universe or is there a definite order in the way nature operates?
Seema didn't think twice before commenting,'Oh! Don't try to find order in everything! Don't be fooled by those theories. Its for people like Deepak Chopra'
But I supported the theory of order in nature and explained her, 'Even a single grass will not move without the nature's permission"
Manya couldn't control the laughter, "Did you believe you were sitting in the metaphysics class?"

Preetham continued, "I wanted to prove my point and questioned my wife, 'Can you tell me one good reason why you fell in love with me and don't lie to me!'
Seema came very near me as if to grasp my neck, but stopped halfway, probably taking pity on the Mangalsutra I had tied over her neck, and answered, 'I really don't remember!. Let's appoint a committee with my in-laws as its members to find out the answers!'
I felt that I had won a small victory, 'See! Answer is not with you. Its with the nature. Only nature knows who should meet whom and when'"
Manya was really enjoying the story, "Hmm.... And thanks to the nature, I meet you and listening to this delightful story..."

Preetham came to the concluding part of his story, " I was not willing to be written off so easily and so questioned Seema one last time, ‘Hmm… so you think that all things that happen in the nature are coincidences…’
Seema somewhat wanted to end the conversation, ‘Hmm… Lets finish it with something I read somewhere, ‘When we pray, coincidences happen. When we don’t, coincidences don’t'. Now don’t ask me what it means’
But I started pondering of the deep meaning the quote had and the suddenly found the room immersed in darkness. I thought I was getting lost in my thoughts, but actually, tired of my questions, my wife had switched off the lights and gone to sleep"

Manya couldn’t believe what she was hearing, “Hmm…. Boss! You were sitting inside a bedroom…. Not under a bodhi vraksh (tree) to be enlightened!”
But Preetham put the same question to Manya, “What do you think of the chapter? Is theory of randomness right or is there some order in nature…. ?”
Manya laughed a lot, “Both mean nothing at all.. But what I think is, you really wasted a very sacred night…"


Priya Joyce said...

hahaah poor seema..

I know women from my family who are jus not interested in long discussions on such philosophical topics.

hmm..wat i'd say abt the quest preetham put to seema/manya is..there is a random order...i mean to say thngs happen wthout us knowing why bt silly random thngs do happen as if decided earlier on..


Arjun said...

Nice. This is a new beginning to your blog. Prem and Simran have been tucked away for a while it seems. Looking forward to more from you!

Dhandal said...

yuo just wasted a very scared night! hahahaha.....soooo true :P


Keshi said...

Good start to yet another exciting bunch of chapters from u, I hope! :)

**Only nature knows who should meet whom and when

I somehow concur with that theory...I believe nothing happens w.o. nature's permission and it's own course of execution.

We may think it's CHANCE and FREE-WILL etc etc..but I believe it's all pre-destined...even that random order is pre-designed.

This story sounds very interesting Suresh :) Waiting for more.


Prathima Bhat said...

Ha ha ha.. I guess Preetham was blessed on his first night, coz Seema dint sqeeze his neck after realizing his quest for knowledge on the "D day!!"

Meira said...

Manya was so right ;)

Smi said...

Wow...what a nice start...and yes everything of order in nature...

I kept waiting for your post and phew my internet connection was gone for a there it explains all..

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Priya
Hmm... random things do happen... but is there order or do we look for some order in them.... Mind craves to be satisfied with some order and purpose even when there is none....

@ Arjun
sure... will pen down more

@ Anandita
Hmm... scared nite! I suppose u meant sacred nite...

@ Keshi
U too believe in that theory. I don't say I don't believe... but sometimes find it hard to believe

@ Prathima
Yups... somehow he escaped being strangled....

@ Manya
Hmm...she is

@ Smi
Its confusing... I mean if u say there is order in nature, then u wud believe that there is a higher power controlling the nature... that means u acknowledge a higher power.... and u r an atheist... so what do u call this higher power?

Cinderella said...

I believe that the people we will meet in our lives is decided very well in advance. Otherwise, what is the reason that when we fall in love with somebody and adore and accept him despite all his imperfections, which we have refused to accept in many other human beings. And sometimes when you think about the ways of how you reached to that person, you find it so fascinating and well planned.

Whatever. But I am a great believer in this philosophy of destiny and unseen forces.

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