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The Ladki-Dekho Program

Manya was so lucky. When most of her colleagues spend bucks on conveyance, she was able to save on the same, thanks to her boss Preetham. He picked her up from her home and dropped her back in the evening. And she had nothing to fear as he was a married man. But that day her boss's car was not going in the direction of the office. Manya didn't dare to ask, but she was a bit nervous. A few distance later,a nicely dressed young man in his late twenties joined them. Manya started getting doubts about this young man. Preetham immediately removed the suspense of the journey as he introduced the young man to Manya, "He is Manish, a creative director in an advertising company. He is my Wife's Chacha's Sister Grandson! Let's cut it short! He is my close relative! We are going to see a girl for him! A village girl!"
"A Ladki dekho program!", Manya cried with excitement. She loved to be a part of such adventure.

Preetham expected a short drive. But when Manish started giving the directions, he found how lengthy and difficult the drive was. When all the turns and potholes and curves and climbs and signals were done with, Preetham saw the meter reading and felt as if his dear car was reprimanding him for making it climb a steep hill and that too thirty kilometers.
As they got down, Manya teased the boy, "Usually shrines of goddesses are found on hill tops! And I am sure, we are going to see one such goddess today!" and she turned to her boss and seeing a very tired look on her boss's face comforted him, "We are finally there! We have reached the destination!"

But Manish was quick to correct her, "No! Not Yet! We need to walk further two kilometers. There is no further road connection to her house."
So they began their walk. And what a walk it was. It was very steep and down the hill and looked like they were walking directly into the Earth's crust. Manya tried to lighten up the environment, "Looks like this is the place where Mother Sita entered planet Earth!" But It failed to invoke any smile on her boss's face

Then much to the relief of Preetham and Manya, the house appeared. Manish introduced them to the man of the house, "This is Madhav, a retired bank employee. It is he who had set the match. He will take us to the girl's house." The question spontaneously sprouted out of Preetham's mouth, "What! This is not the girl's house!." Madhav smiled, "Its just another five minutes walk through the garden..." As Madhav guided them, Manya slowly hissed into her boss's ear, "These villagers! They call the forest - a garden!"

The tall trees didn't allow any sunlight to scatter through them and the path to the girl's house was a rough one filled with strange bugs and reptiles. Pretham struggled a bit, "Shit! I should have got the trekking guide" , Manya who was enjoying the scene tic beauty replied " And I should have bought my camera!"
Suddenly a small house appeared from nowhere. Manya who was so lost in the scene tic beauty looked at the house and asked Madhav, "Which Saint's Ashram is this!" Madhav corrected her, "No! This is not any Sanyas's(saint) Ashram. It is Kanya's (girl) house"

The girl's parents were at the door step for their welcome. When Preetham and Manya entered the house, they felt as if they were entering a dark cave. The girl's father said, a bit hesitantly, "No powers today!" Manya thought, 'Bechara Manish.. Now how will he see the girl? " But then the girl came, not with the tray in her hands, but with a candle! And in that candlelight, the boy saw the girl's radiant smile. And that one look did the magic. The girl demanded that she wanted to have a private conversation with the boy. Manya thought, 'Such a small house, and with so many people in here, where will the girl get privacy to talk with the boy!'. Next minute all of them were made to walk out of the house except the boy and girl.

The chit chat continued for half an hour and when the boy and the girl finally came out, Preetham was able to read acceptance written all over their faces. It was time to take leave. Preetham was about to depart in the same route by which they had arrived, when the owner of the house remarked , "There is a nearer route. You take this route and within a minute you will reach the main road." Preetham thanked the girl's father and bidded goodbye to them.

After they dropped the boy at his place, Manya asked her boss, "Sir! He made you drive for thirty kilometers and then he took youall the way down into that pataal (nether world) and made us sit in that dark room.... When there was a simpler route! Aren't you angry, boss!..."
Preetham smiled, "Yups! I was angry when my dear car was made to climb that steep hills. I was angry when we stepped down the hills to reach the house. But my anger vanished when I saw the acceptance on both their faces. Tiredness and all negative emotions disappeared when I saw two hearts coming together."
Manya was all praise for her boss, "Hmm! That's Great!..." Before she could bestow the praise upon him, his cell phone rang. Her boss had quite a mixed reaction on his face
Preetham explained the reason with a straight face, "Its my wife! She says the proposal has been finalized and she wants me to take the boys parents to the girls place this weekend!"


Hopeless Romantic said...

lol, i find all this ladki dekho prog a torchure for both men and women. its sheer wastage of time and u really don't get anything substantial out of it.

keep penning!

Priya Joyce said...

hahaha..all this tiredness was changing to happiness after seeing the couple happy and then comes ur twist :P

all over again lol..pretham has become a driver i guess...

abt love..yeh it actually soothes away all tiredness and exhaustion tats true..and in ur post it seems that love enlightens the surroundings ..and tats wat happened here :)

Keshi said...

o gawd this reminds me of horror stories abt proposals lol! Nice one Suresh...brought a SMILE to my face :)

** Ladki dekho program

HAHAHA good one!


Prathima Bhat said...

Hahaha... I guess, next time when preetham drives to the girls house with Seema and Manish's relatives, he would better ask everyone to put on their trekking shoes!! as the way to the girls house seems like a spot for tourist visit:) lol!!

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Prathima

Hey... I was unable to comment on ur blog... there is some technical problems. The word verification screen arrives, but no space to enter the word.. Just check it out.

Meira said...

lol! A day off from work...totally worth it :d

Smi said...

wow..the best I guess...I coudnt resist smiling..Imagine the guys situation..Butterflies in the stomach :)

I still remember .if if we don't say anything to each ..there are thousand words exchanged and its exciting to know what the other person actually thought about you :)

Prathima Bhat said...


Thanks for informing abt the comments page.. Ya, there was some prob in it... I have fixed that issue.. U can now leave a comments:)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Amit
Hmm... Bt many are not that daring to ask a girl out... they prefer the traditional way...

@ Priya
Hmm.... even lord krishna had become a driver for the cause of dharma... here the cause is for romance... its a good cause na...

@ Keshi
It reminded me of ur aunt u mentioned in some earlier post... is she still behind u or given up

@ Prathima...
Yeah... some more visits to the place from preetham and the spot wud bcom highlighted on the map...

@ Meira

@ Smi
U seemed to have bcom nostalgic... Nimma hale dinagalu nenapu madisidna...?

Charmed One! said...

I can see all new characters in your blog.. this means high i catch up on older stories i guess :)
this one really did make me giggle :)..

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Charmed One
Yups the characters are new.. Instead of lovers prem and simran, I have a married couple preetham and seema. And Instead of young neighbor Dhanya, I have a new recruit at office Manya. Thats it. Its like my previous characters took a quantum leap :)

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