Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Morning Blues

"If you would like to save on some conveyance tomorrow morning, just walk half a kilometer towards my in-law's home.. I would be there tomorrow... I will pick you up", said Preetham to the newly joined Manya.

So next day, Manya was at Preetham's in-law's place. But Preetham was busy talking over the cell phone to his seniors in America. So Manya took this opportunity to exchange some words with her boss's wife Seema. And she didn't fail to mention the first night story that Preetham had shared with her. Seema bursted out, "If that night was not forgettable for him, the next day morning experience is an unforgettable one for me."
Manya looked at Preetham and thought that she had some time to listen to a nice story

Seema started, "Next day morning... I woke up from my sleep and found his side of the bed empty... I got a little worried... Has my earlier night action discouraged him!... Has he decided to quit family life and become a sanyas!... I looked under the pillow for a farewell note... Luckily, I didn't find any..... Then I searched the entire house... There was a no sign of him... a short time later I heard a small sound as if an engine was vibrating and It was coming from the room which I rarely entered...."
Manya decided to take a guess, "Hmm... Is it the attic or Is it the kitchen?"
Seema smiled, "Neither... It was the Pooja room... I was an atheist. I was always under the impression that he was just another God Fearing human being. But when I saw him that day in that meditative state, it seemed he was only one step away from nirvana..."

Manya was really thinking to herself, 'This pair seems to be as different as chalk from cheese' But her mind was interrupted by Seema's furtherance of her plight, "Worse than that was, he woke up very early at four thirty am. I am a night owl and he a early bird. But there was a time when I used to wake up that early..."
Manya again decided to take a guess, "During examinations?"
Seema corrected her one more time, "No re.... It was during that time when India went over to Australia and won that test series... Otherwise... Its not earlier than eight AM.. It would have been still late had it not been for my younger brother who wouldn't have left any breakfast for me if I was not at the breakfast table by eight thiry... that chotta bakasur..."

Manya thought herself 'whoever has done the match must have had it all wrong' But next sentence from Seema came as a consolation, " Then there are some advantages of having a early bird as your husband...."
Manya knew those and every girl would know those, "Hot cup of coffee from your husband and hot water ready for bath.... Am I right?"
Seema congratulated Manya this time, "You are right... But I was not lucky even there... My husband always takes a cold shower, says 'its good for meditation' and I say 'its not at all good for me'.... And coffee... his theory is that, 'Before sun shows up on the horizon, one shouldn't have anything for his stomach' , but when Sun does show up, my husband would have closed his eyes and gone into a meditative trance.... So there goes hot water for bath and also bed coffee...."
Manya felt very bad that a girl's dream had shattered..

But when Preetham was ready, Seema concluded, "He is everything that I never wanted him to be. But somehow he manages to drive me crazy. I love him like Nuts. And he is definitely very far away from attainining nirvana. And I have reset my body clock to suit him a long time back."

And then Manya bid her bye and on the way Preetham commented, "My Wife! She is everything I never wanted her to be. But somehow she manages to drive me crazy. I love her like Nuts..."
Manya gave a stupified look. When Preetham asked the reason for the same, she smiled, "A deja vu feeling...."
But she had a serious doubt, 'Whats this mystical force that binded these young couple together'
Can anyone tell her the answer.


Dhandal said...

Aaw, thts how Manya must have felt when she heard those exact same words from Preetham too... ;)

Love can make you go nuts :)

Cinderella said...

a happy acceptance, i guess :)

Priya Joyce said...

awwwww this is love...acceptance amidst of all differences..
I simply loved the ending...

Dawn....सेहर said...

Your story has a good ending or rather I should say I liked the ending ;)
It's love - you never know which way it gets showered :)
Keep it up dear

Smi said...

Oh ..really for me its a Deja Vu feeling ...Hmm as time passes through marriage ,the bonding gets so intense that how ever our spouse is,he gradually start being felt like our dream man.

The indiffrences are beautifully amalgamated with Love..there is no more compromise,there is mutual understanding.OR probably when these indiffrences are coped and met by each other ,thats when we feel at the top of the world :)

Prathima Bhat said...

Good to know that both of them have accepted eachother however they are....
Ya, its like the rule of nature-Opposites attract :)

Arjun said...

Certain things have no answers. This is one of them...

Tara said...

PJ wanted me to tell you that there's a light cut there and she's really sorry ok :) BTW, hope to be back to blogging soon :)

Suresh Kumar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suresh Kumar said...

@ Tara

Its ok... and btw... i am waiting eagerly for ur blog post

Meira said...

The hell I can! 6 years into the relationship and even i can't figure out what it is that binds us :D

Keshi said...

I guess when 2 ppl r in love, nothing else matters.



DPhatsez said...

Love is blind? :)

V. Archana said...

wowww.... when r u gonna publish ur work into a book? i'll be the 1st to buy it :)

u r going gr8 with this series of episodes,suresh

love indeed,can make any soul on earth go nuts :)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Ananditha
Yups... everyone goes nuts... no one is spared...

@ Namratha...
Rite! Acceptance of all differences..and with a smile.

@ Priya
Thank you...

@ Fiza
Thank you... Nice to c u back

@ Smi
U have put it beautifully... Seems it is coming from the experience :)

@ Prathima
Rightly said... Its fun when u spent ur life with sum1 who is unlike you :)

@ Arjun
A unsolved puzzle...

@ Meira
Gosh! Now where should I go looking for answers....

@ Keshi
Yeah... they live in their own world

@ Arun
.... and marriage is an eyeopener

@ Archana
thanks for that great compliment...

Tara said...

Oh! Too many new characters for me to follow! Will have to read all the posts before I can comment! :)

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