Monday, July 27, 2009

A Tall Story!

Preetham warned Manya, "Today, I will introduce you to our Clients Manager Somesh. He is that person who always keeps a straight face and hardly laughs...." But as they entered his cabin, they saw him having a hearty laughter to himself looking at the computer screen.
Preetham couldn't digest the scene he was watching, "You are behaving so unlike you, Som... What happened?"
Somesh said with a smile, "Its said that what you always avoid is that which ultimately happens to you"
Preetham answered with a tragic look, "Oh God! Don't tell me that you have lost the job?"
Somesh quickly retorted, "No Re.... I have fallen in love....I knew only the word Love till now... Now I know the definition of Love"

Manya had already taken the seat and slowly hissed into Preetham's ears, "They say in a temple, every statue has a story behind it. In this office, every employee has a tale to tell... "
Somesh had begun thus, "It all began when my mother told me about this girl Shwetha. I being against all these customs of arranged marriage, wanted to speak to the girl myself and without the elders knowing anything about it. So I found that the girl had a common friend in my friend's wife Ashmitha.But Ashmitha said she had lost contact and would try to establish it through a link..."
Somesh had to explain a concept to Manya, "This is how the concept of client acquisitions work. Most of the time we get them through links and leads.... "
Manya got a bit irritated, " Thanks a lot for the General Knowledge!"

Somesh continued, "She found a link and as If luck had it, I got a chance to visit a marriage in the link's city. I told Ashmitha to get her link contact me on my cell phone. But there was something else in store for me at the marriage. I was viewing the marriage customs from the comfort of my seat when suddenly everything in front of me went blank. My view got blocked. A girl six feet tall had occupied the front row. I just tilted my head to a little right to get a clearer view of the stage and that's when the girl turned around and smiled at me. Something happened and I fell for this girl."
Preetham tried to take a guess after taking a one good look at the five feet nine Somesh, " May be the extra 3 inches did you, Som!"
Manya didn't like the way her senior broke the momentum, "Lets leave the worry of inches to her tailor! Please continue the story, Sir"

Somesh looked at the impatience on Manya's face, "And wherever I went in that marriage hall - the reception room or the dining room, she was there. She kept on giving that cute smile of her... cuter than those chat emoticons. When I was about to leave the hall after wishing the couple, she mustered up some courage and stopped me before I could step into my Car, 'Are you Mr Somesh?' I was a bit surprised as I answered, "Yes! And Do I know you?"
She was the link that my friend's wife was talking about. Ashmitha had told her that I would be there at the wedding. She had a nice name too... Lavanya. After chatting for some time she came to the topic, 'Asmitha told me that you wanted to know more about Shwetha....' The way I answered the question was unexpected even by me, 'Hmm... I wanted!...Not anymore! Now I want to know more about you, Lavanya' There was a pause on her face for few seconds and then she smiled. And that's how the romance started"

Manya was overexcited on hearing such a romantic story, "Its always like that... this thing called love. It just pops out of unexpected quarters and at unexpected times. All you need is eyes to recognize the same. Some people fail to notice it...."
Preetham cut short Manya's love philosophy, "... but when the love is so tall!... six feet!... there is no chance of it going unnoticed!..."
The comment had Manya and Somesh in Splits.


Tara said...

Now this is going in a different direction...btw, when's your book releasing? ;) I guess you are ready. :) So far, so good. :)

Smi said...

Poor Shwetha..Lavanya grabbed her place ...SO many times it happens ..we find directions and spend a lifetime of ours and one day when we reach we actually forget for what we struggled all the way ..

Priya Joyce said...

wuhooo..another love story....I mean it happens in love may a tymes ..two friends who have their partners still they fall in love...

As I'd told in ma post long ago Love is reely strange n crazy...

n reely luvd ur ending :P

Keshi said...

** "They say in a temple, every statue has a story behind it. In this office, every employee has a tale to tell...


Love is a bizzare makes us surrender, totally.


Meira said...

Oh good. It even changed his demeanor. :)
I've moved from to But you already know :)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Tara
Hmm... hope u liked the direction it went... book release! bahut door ke baath hain....

@ Smi
hmm... that was some interesting thought... but the person who has to introspect in that fashion vil never do it...

@ Priya
yups... remember this line from the movie DIL TO PAAGAL HAIN, "Dil ka kehna sab sab maanein Dil na kisi ki maane"

@ Keshi
Yups! Rightly said

@ Meira
Hmm... Deewana hogaya :)

Arjun said...

Love begins from unexpected corners indeed! I thought you would land both of them together like it happened in Socha na tha..:)

Dhandal said...

Hi! I'm back :)

Cute story..indeed every employee of this office has a tale n tht too a love tale ;)

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