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The New Dawn 3: Tuesdays with Ashwith

Master Ashwith, Prem's young neighbor liked it that the girl Ujjaini had set her eyes on Prem. It means that he can avail the services of a doctor anytime and that too free of cost. So he was at her house on his first visit to his favorite doctor, Dr Ujjaini.

Ujjaini asked him to sit with her grandpa and enjoy the cricket on the Television while she gets the specs of the old man. The old man was not able to get a clear picture as to who was sitting next to him and not knowing that Ashwith was just a twelve year old kid, started the conversation." You seem to be her good friend from college, Young Man. Can you tell me! Of all the boys, why did she select that Prem? The one who has loved and lost. I thought she was a wise girl and applied her brain always. She proved me completely wrong"
Ashwith seemed to have more wisdom than a man who had completed his graduation as he corrected the old man, "I think brain never interferes in the matters of heart. And as they say, there is no difference between a wise men and fools when they fall in love...."

The old man loved the way Ashwith put it, "Hmm... But I tried to explain to her.... I told her of all the faults in that boy Prem, but...."
Ashwith knew of what his favorite doctor would have answered this old man, "That was a faux pas from you.... Do you think she would not be aware of them ... Anyway what was her answer?"
The old man shook his head, " She didn't answer me! She recited a poem by Sara Teasdale... ♥They came to tell your faults to me ♥They named them over one by one ♥I laughed aloud when they were done ♥I knew them all so well before ♥Oh They were blind, too blind to see ♥Your faults had made me love you more♥"

Ashwith was enjoying this little session with the old man, "Hmm... So you gave up trying to change her mind?"
The old man said, "No way!... I tried to make her understand that what she is feeling could be just a simple crush or infatuation and it cannot be the foundation for marriage.... "
Ashwith was curious to know how she refuted this claim of grandpa's. The old man reiterated the sentence his granddaughter had said, "she had replied me confidently 'No... this is not another simple crush or infatuation. This feeling is more powerful. It is as if some force beyond my control is guiding me to him who can make me happy beyond my wildest dreams'....**"
The old man continued, "I don't know how she took this decision. May be she is just guessing her life to be better with him and taking her chances...."

Ashwith shared some more wisdom with the old man, "And may be she is correct. As Rudyard Kipling puts it, A woman's guess is much more accurate than a man's certainty. "
The old man was not happy with the answer and spoke with a spark of anger, "All I know is that she has ignored all my advices. These youngsters aren't happy with nothing to ignore and that's what we elders are created for...**"
Ashwith decided to cool him off, "Grandpa!.... Put yourself in her heels and think.....Even if her best friends ask her why she loves him and why is he so great to him, she would ignore them. Because she may fear, if she tells them, they may also love him. Sure this thought is not coming from the brain. It is the voice of the heart. Brain and heart are the most contradictory elements. It seems she has determined to follow her heart's song. And there is no chance, no destiny, no fate that can hinder the firm resolve of a determined soul**. "
The old man agreed, "May be you are right! Today's younger generation is no worse than my own. We were just as ignorant, repulsive and rebellious as they are, but nobody listened to us**..."

At that time, Ujjaini sneaked from behind and closed his eyes. When she opened, the old man had his spectacles on. He looked around and asked Ashwith, "Child! Where is the young man who was debating with me....."
Ashwith had a mischievous smile on his face. Ujjaini looked at Ashwith and understood from the sparkle in his eyes, "Grandpa! Today's generation are very fast. It was none other than this small child who gave you that sermon!" She saw the disbelief in her grandpa's eyes, "Can't swallow it, rite! You have to believe me! Nowadays nine year olds are writing on dating secrets, Grandpa!"
Grandpa looked at Ashwith, who was hardly five feet and thought it over a minute and called the driver and instructed him, "There is a change in my weekly plans. Every Tuesday, we were going to that discourse on Gita rite! Cancel that one. From next tuesday we would be going to Ashwith's place to know more about the younger generation, specially these girls..."

PS: If you think a twelve year old can't have that much knowledge then click here
** Quotes in order of appearance - from Alex and Emma,Ogden Nash, Ella Wilcox, Al Capp


Dhandal said...

12 yr olds can really be smarty's these day! the new generation in growing super fast...
well and the old grand pa is taking keen interest in the new generation girls...hmm..wats on his mind ;)

Priya Joyce said...

well yehe agreed...12 yr olds can reely be smart..these know a lot..but one thing is there..they mite hav a lot of ashwith has..i mean as to convince someone..but yet..i feel they lack the wisdom to understand.. how it feels when they r at the same place..

loved this one too..specially the young guy's way of convincing the old man :)

Cinderella said...

I am afraid that the pace with which you are using these quotes, you may face some serious copyright issues.

with every post, I am liking the character of Ujjaini and soon she may even overshadow our hero. :)

DPhatsez said...

Old man..young girls..Tsk tsk :)

Yea the kids who write dating books..saw it on Ellen Degeneres Show

Keshi said...

Tuedays with Morrie? :)

**A woman's guess is much more accurate than a man's certainty.

I'd say so too :)

kids these days r way too smart, but its a different kind of 'smart'....


Suresh Kumar said...

@ Dhandal...
Old man's intentions are not that bad.. He just wants to understand girls.... Marne se pehle uska aakhri ichha...

@ Priya
yeah... knowledge comes faster than wisdom....

@ Cindrella
Quotes come under the fair use clause, and wudn't be that much issue and specially my blog is non commercial... m not making any profits out of it... so thats not at all an issue

@ DPhatesz
Did he say anything about how many girls he dated till day?

@ Keshi
Reverse Tuesdays with Morrie? There an old man gives wisdom to a young man. Here a young man giving wisdom to an old man. That's Tuesdays with Ashwith...

Keshi said...

yep I gathered that and it's a brilliant idea Suresh. I liked it alot :)


Arjun said...

Another from the witty stable of Suresh!

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