Friday, December 25, 2009

The Mediator

Though Seema was away from her husband for last few days, she had never stopped giving orders to her ever-obedient husband Preetham. Her latest order for him was to mediate between her cousin brother Jeeva who has earned for himself a MS Seat in the Buffalo University and his father, a old man in his seventies.The reason for the deadlock between the father and son was the latter's marriage. Father wanted to see his son lose his bachelor's degree before he obtains his masters degree in the States. He wanted to see his son married off.

As usual, Manya gave her boss, Preetham the company. After all the hospitality at the old man's place, Preetham directly came to the issue, "Sir! If you get him married off now, would he be able to concentrate on his studies? Wouldn't his mind get diverted?"
The seasoned man knew the exact reply, "I am getting him married off exactly for the same reason. So that his mind doesn't get diverted by some western influences. The way he is into those social networking sites and those status messages he gives makes me more afraid...."
Manya was in agreement with the old man's words, "Yups. Those status messages on the networking sites has more power to terrorize the parents than the climate warnings and the terror alerts that come on the news channels"
But this young man was too afraid to raise his voice in front of his dad.

Preetham tried to reason out, "But marrying him off would mean an additional burden na. He has to study and also has to look after his wife na... Would he able to juggle between family life and college life. Do you really want to push him into the circus of Samsara so early?"
The old man had even thought of that, "Who said we are burdening him? He will marry and leave his wife with us. We will take care of our daughter-in-law until he completes his studies. When he knows that someone is waiting for him on this shore, his mind would be more focused...."
Manya couldn't believe what she was hearing, "Oh My God! You are uniting them and immediately separating them!!!!" and then said to herself, "Is he a father or some villain from bollywood romance drama!!"
Jeeva still didn't speak a word in support of Preetham or against his father.

Preetham tried one last time, "You don't have confidence in your boy!!! From his childhood till now, he has not even looked at any girl with romantic intentions... He would go a virgin boy and return a virgin boy... I can assure that!"
Manya wanted to laugh out loud on hearing the words virgin boy...
The old man said, "Its not that I don't have confidence in him. But the time in which we live has so much changed. My colleague's son returned married. My colleague is so unhappy not because his son got married... but because his son married a guy....Gosh! I can't take any chances"
Manya laughed and remembered the lines from Dostana and said,"Love has become so blind these days that it is failing to differentiate between man and woman...."

Just then a cute young girl of twenties entered the house. With that jasmine buds around her long hairs and that tilak(vermilion) on the forehead and that traditional saree, she looked the epitome of feminine perfection. She touched the feet of the old man and handed him a piece of paper, "Uncle!... Papa told to give you this". Saying so she left after giving a stealthy glance at Jeeva. Jeeva who had his heads down till now had his heads completely turned. And his joy knew no bounds when his father said, "That's the girl I had in mind for my son..."
Now the young man took a complete U-turn and advised Preetham, "I think Dad is not wrong... In our life we need motivation to move ahead... Sometimes a girl plays that motivating role..... Behind the success of a man is a woman...a beautiful woman. I think I need such a woman...."
Preetham looked at the young man with complete disbelief. He scolded him, "Unnecessarily you have made me a villain na!"
Manya was getting angry with the young man and at the same time wanted to laugh at her boss's situation, "These Boys are so confusing!! They call us girls chanchal(fickle minded) but they themselves are so chanchal... One sight of a pretty girl and they fall for her... "


Dhandal said...

Love at first sight??? really??? so chanchal.... a nice plot! :)

Merry christmas!

Tulika said...

Chanchal Post.


Interesting !

Priya Joyce said...

Well well well...
So u finally got the correct meaning of chanchal :P

well yeahh I completely agree wth Manya
For u guys the threshold is too low :P to fall for a gal..

aakhir mei preetham ka bakra ban gaya..haha..that's all tat has happened :P

Prathima Bhat said...

Well..... i dint expect Jeeva to change his mind so spontaneously after looking at the girl...

Jeeva's character resembled to that of cinema heroes.

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Ananditha
Hmm... Seems so... cant say...

@ Tulika

@ PJ
Apmaan kar rahi ladkonka... :)

@ Prathima
Well... May be majority wont behave like this... But exceptions are always there. Its the way we see things around us that makes us rite...
I knew this guy who married at his father's desire and then went abroad for further studies. The girl he married was my close relative. Now she has fallen ill here and his situation there is worse with calls every now and then... somehow that made me write this chanchal post... of course there is lots of my imagination here..

Keshi said...

Agree with Manya...guys r so very EASY ;-)

Happy 2010 to ya too Suresh! hv a blast. TC n KIT.


Arjun said...

Your sense of humour is too good. There are situations where it is better if we do not poke in our nose. This was one of them!

Divya said...

indeed this guy is so finicky with his acts! marriages dont seem to ve any value.... and just a bit more dicey wen comes to arranged marriages!

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Keshi
Not all guys r that easy!

@ Arjun
Ty..This time Preetham was definitely wrong

@ Divya
U r rite... Bt I was only thinking it from the fun angle...

lena said...

Havent you published the book yet? I seriously envy the frequency of your writing :)

Happy New Year :)

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