Saturday, August 21, 2010

Please Forgive Me

Pradyumn or Prads was on to his way to the temple town to see his uncle. Though he said it was a personal visit, Swats or Swasthee, his young friend insisted on accompanying him. Prads face said that something was not right. Swats was good at making people talk and in few minutes, she had Prads talking

Prads was out with the truth which send her to a shock, "A message intended to be sent to you was sent to my good friend in the big bad city. It was about her and her would be in a very very derogatory manner. And in reply she had just two words GET LOST"
Swats said, "Every week you are giving me a shock. Hope I don't end with a heart attack before I complete my teenage"

After a hour, they were at his uncles place and poured his heart out and confessed his mistake. His uncle, an aged man in his early seventies had a simple question on hearing the story, which put Prads' mind into turmoil, "Do you realize it is a mistake because she came to know about it or are you fully aware of the mistake.That you should never have spoken ill well or bad about someone behind his or her back"
Prads explained to his uncle of what he did after he realized his folly, "Well... I feel I have... I couldn't sleep till 3.30 till the next morning..."
His uncle was a bit harsh, "Then you haven't. You shouldn't have got a wink of sleep even..."

Swats didn't knew any comforting words to say to Prads nor did she want to interfere. She decided to remain silent
Seeing tears flow down his cheeks, Prads uncle consoled him, "Now that you have committed a mistake, you shud bow before it with reverence. Its like a God that has taught you a lesson... Lucky you... Most humans do what you have done... But Mother nature has shown to you that it is very bad and how a person could be hurt by it... So be thankful for the mistake."

Prads only wanted forgiveness from the girl, "But will the girl forgive me...?"
Prads uncle was taking a w holistic view, ""Its not important whether she forgives you. Its whether you are really sorry for it. If you are, Mother Nature will forgive you. She is benevolent. Don't restrict it to one person. Expand your soul... If you are really sorry, whatever is good for you will happen."

Prads felt like a heavy burden has been removed from his back.


Priya Joyce said...

humility is one of the greatest virtues one can possess..
and saw a lot of humility in this post ...not everyone is ready to accept their mistakes... big egos !!!

well Hope tat gal forgives prads...
mistakes are wat everyone commits...
and ek galati toh sabko maaf hei na :)

Dawn....सेहर said...

Beautiful post I must say :)! Forgiveness is the biggest meditation anyone can have in life :-)!
Nice moral dear
Keep writing

Tulika said...

Its not important whether she forgives you.

Such a great story.! Hats off !


Anonymous said...

Thats a good one.....:)

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