Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mock Interview

Prads was a bit off mood. It seemed someone was forcing him to do something. Swats wanted to know what was eating his head.Prads said his parents were forcing him for a ladki dekho program and he hated it as it made him uncomfortable. Swats tried to give some comfort, "Well... Buss itni si baat... lets have a mock ladki dekho program here now... in this classroom..." Prads, "And who would be the girl...? "

Before Swats could open her mouth, her class mate who had hots for Prads and named Jeevitha a.k.a Jeevs volunteered, "Main Hoon Na!" The stage was set.... and Prads entered the room like a boy who has come to see a girl. Jeeves started quite romantically, "I was waiting for the first sixteen years of my life for some Prince Charming to steal my heart. The next three years, I kept guessing who it could be... Now I can't bear anymore... Please take me from here." Like a director, Swats announced, "You are supposed to make the atmosphere uncomfortable so that Prads is prepared to handle a worst case scenario..." Jeevs hated it but still said bitterly but without putting herself completely into the act and started with a quote from her favorite TV character Ally McBeal, "There is no sin in loving men... only pain. I hate boys... since my childhood... Whenever I see boys, I feel like pricking them and killing them with my kitchen knife"
Prads commented with a smile, "Hmm.. Why take such pain. If you smile just once, We boys would die immediately..." Swats was suprized by this statement of Prads and wondered whether he was trying to impress Jeevs.

Jeevitha turning towards Swats, "Mummy! Mujhe yeh ladka bahuth pasand hain...Abhi shaadi karva dona... Please!!!"(I like this guy very much. Get me married immediately na.) Swats got strict, "Stick to the act. Prads! Tell her about your passion and ambitions." Prads like a statesman, "I like watching movies. All languages, Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Korean, French, Bengali...." Jeevs exclaimed with a surprise, "Wow! You know too many languages... Do you understand the language of my heart also?" Swats coughed loudly, but Jeevs was fully focused on Prads. Prads answered her looking directly into her eyes, "I don't know all the languages. I watch the movies with subtitles...But to interpret what your eyes are telling, I definitely don't need subtitles..."

Jeevs was really swept off her feet, but keeping Swats in mind, she furthered another negative view in front of him, "But I hate movies. I feel sleepy while watching them..." Prads was quick to reply, "Well! Elders had truly said, 'Opposites attract'. And what use is my huge shoulders? When I see a movie, You can sleep with your head rested against my shoulders." Jeeves wanted immediately to do so, but she forwarded one more argument, "But I don't watch Television also. I feel its better reading a novel than watching television. Watching television is like spraying black paint on the eyes..." Prads smiled, "Even I don't watch Television..." Jeevs smiled and reminded him, "Then your earlier statement doesn't hold good, 'Opposites attract'... remember..."

Prads didn't so easily give up any argument, "Common things and little differences.. both are important for a relationship.If It's the things in common that make relationships enjoyable, then it's the little differences that make them interesting. Who wants the company of the television, when I have you? Instead of wasting our evening watching those mushy serials and planned reality shows, we can go for a romantic walk..." Jeevs was now really fully in love. She looked at Prads once and then at swats and said "Mujhse aur acting nahi hotha!" (I cant act any more!) and running towards Prads, she landed a kiss on his cheek.


Priya Joyce said...

**Common things and little differences.. both are important for a relationship.If It's the things in common that make relationships enjoyable, then it's the little differences that make them interesting.

complementarity as well as similarity makes the two wheels go smoothly...
life is not juss's drama and masala too :P
loved jeevs out ter :)

nands said...

Nice to have new entry, jeevs! :)

Prathi said...

jeevs is too much outgoing ,...:P...nyway nice,...

Arjun said...

Wow! any girl would fall for this!

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