Friday, December 24, 2010

The Cardinal Sins

Pradyumna, Swasthee and Jeevitha were sitting idle at the local park on that saturday evening. When one has nothing worth to talk about, he should gossip about the things happening around him. And following that rule, Swasthee broke the silence, "Did you hear about that naughty brat of nine years who lives at the 9th cross, was slapped by a complete stranger at this very park"
Jeevs thought what nonsense is Swats talking. But she added to the entertainment, "Did you hear about the break-in into that teenager Bhawar's house. The thief didn't take anything...He just broke the television..."
Prads wasn't the one to be left behind. He added, "Gosh! This is nothing. My Neighbor, the middle aged lady Mrs Shanthi's heels got broken and she fell and hurt her legs very badly. She is blaming her Mother-in-law"
Girls thought that Prads was definitely much better than them

Just then a weird-looking guy with spectacles who was overhearing the conversation appeared before them and confessed "It was me who is behind all the three incidents.
I am punishing people for the ar-shad vairis. Six villains of mankind" Swats felt as if this guy just walked out of B-Grade hollywood thriller movie, and inquired more about the incidents, "Ar-shad vairis? You mean Kama, Krodha, Moha, lobha, mada, matsara...Right?"
The guy was happy that the young lady knew what he was doing, "Absolutely. And the young boy was guilty of the sin of Kama."
The weirdo's words shocked them as he explained his stand, "Kama... Desire...The boy had a plastic ball... he desired for the rubber ball...he got it... and then he desired for the covering ball... His desires was just increasing. So I gave him a good thrashing and brought it to control..."
Swats couldn't stop laughing, "I thought Kama was what Emraan Hasmi does with his heroines in the movies?"
Jeevs was angry rather and said, "Baccche bhagwaan ke samaan hothe hain(Children are angels sent by God).. unko kaam se kya matlab (How can they be guilty of such a sin like Lust)..."

Swats wanted to know more on the teenager who was their classmate.The crazy guy was loving the attention the girls gave him," Moha... excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures?" Prads questioned him, "And what could be that?"
The man spoke calmly "IPL...Indian Premier League." The crazy guy loved to see the surprised look on the cute faces which was asking him for explanations. He did it like a statesman, "The cricket fever had taken the boy completely over... The boy forgot everything... his studies... his family...his friends... his girlfriend...and sat in front of the television... So It was my duty to save him before it was too late. So I broke the television..."
Jeevs was thrilled and invited him to her college, "Would you come down to our college and take a look at the laptops and mobiles of our college boys and what they do with it..."
Swats added, "Yeah... He would definitely have a field day..."

Prads was more curious of the crime committed by his neighbor, the married lady
The madman answered him without taking his eyes off the girls, "Krodh... She gets very angry at her husband and scolds him all the time...."
Swats didn't digest the explanation, "Woh tho har biwi ka janam sidh hak hain...(It is the birthright of all wives)... and don't they end up together at the end of the day..."
Jeevs remembered something she had read long back, "Do you know the basic difference between war and marriage. In marriage you get a chance to sleep with your enemy"

Jeevs got curious as to if there were any other victims. The crazy guy smiled, "No... But I want to make you my next victim. And let me tell your crime also before you question me. You are guilty of Matsara... Jealousy...You always envy Swats and her closeness with Prads. That brings a lot of negative emotions"
That made Jeevs loose her cool. She answered more aggressively, "Its confirmed that you are a madman. Who wouldn't love to have a great friend like Prads? I don't envy her but do love to be in her place and enjoy that closeness." and Jeevs was sure that it was waste trying to put some sense into the madman who had got all his interpretation of the cardinal sins completely wrong, "Anyway! Tell me How do you intend to punish me?"
The crazy guy took his penknife, "I am gonna disfigure the beautiful face of...." Before he could complete his sentence, Jeevs raised her fist ready to take on her opponent. The crazy guy laughed out loud, "What am I gonna get by attacking you. Will it remove the jealousy from your mind. No! I need to attack the object of jealousy. " And saying so he turned towards Prads.

The minute his back was turned, the girls pounced upon him and brought him down and the knife was now in the safe hands of Jeevs. But she threw it away and spoke for herself and Prads, "Why do we need Knives when we have such long nails?" Prads couldn't see any further and closed his eyes.

Even I cannot describe the assault on the poor guy. The last I heard was that the police had taken the guy into custody and they say he was traumatized by the assault and was sent to some institution and may take months before he completely recovers.


Priya Joyce said...

hahaha Lol tat was great.
well it was just a story bt i guess such ppl do exist tes dys :P
abt prads' and swats' frndship i'd say it's of a unique kind.
I felt u subtly said tat relationship with every different person is different so better not the other desire it...

merry Christmas :D

Keshi said...

**"Do you know the basic difference between war and marriage. In marriage you get a chance to sleep with your enemy"

haha good one! :)


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