Monday, January 31, 2011

Heal the heart and make it a better place.

Swats is sitting on the beach with Prads and enjoying the Sunset. She also had more company in the form of Prad's friend Surendra, A middle aged lecturer,tall but very lean. Surendra proudly announces 'Ab tak chappan!' Prads describes his friends slogan to the confused Swats, "Don't worry! He is not telling his murder count. All he wants to say is that he has so far seen that many girls...Marriage proposals, to be precise. But no one has said yes to him... but still he goes on and on and on..." Swats felt that Prads was mocking at his friend. At that point, the Surendra sings "yeh hosla kaise jhuke...:" from the movie dor. Swats felt as if she was watching Popeye. She smiled at Surendar and turning to Prads, "At least he is not sticking to something which is not achievable like you... " and turning to Surendra, "How do you do that? I mean how are you so positive"

Surendra in a very soothing voice explains his secret, "Because I know that the future is beautiful... All I have to do is keep my hope floating" Swats wishes "Gosh!!! If only I knew the future of Prads... I could have convinced him...." Surendra takes his spectacles and gives it to Swats who is taken by surprise, "Wear this and you will be able to get some picture of his future?"
For some it would be difficult to believe in miracles... but for Swats it has become a norm.

And she put on the specs and the sea in front of her disappeared.Instead of that she saw a garden and a young girl of six years old skipping in the garden along with a kitten. Swats without taking her eye off the child questioned Surendra, "You told me I would be able to see the future... All I am able is to see a young girl playing with a kitten!!!... is this Pogo Channel?... Is this specs like DTH?... Direct to home now made as Direct to eyes....DTE!!!"
Surendra laughs at the joke, "See her properly and try to recognize her..."
Swats was able to guess the features, "Gosh! Same nose! Same eyes! She looks like Prads... You mean! uski bachchi..." She was more curious and looked at the benches nearby "And Where is the mother? Where is Prad's future wife?"

Just then a man came near to the girl and hugged her. His hairstyle resembled Akshay Khanna's and his stomach seemed to have grown a lot. He called the girl very sweetly "Swasthee... Come to Pa". Swats was thrilled to hear her name and a smile came on her lips and tears in her eyes. But she was angry at what Prads had done to himself, "Gosh! whatever happened to Prads in the future? Look at him in the present. He is so athletic " Prads was completely unaware of the happening. He was watching the sunset and was totally immersed in it. Surendra tried to answer her question, "May be that's what happens when a man gets lots of love and happiness in life"

Swats herself had forgotten the question and was more curious of the girl in Prad's future "where is the mother of the girl?" It seems the young girl heard her and she too started crying "I want my mother. I want her before the moon comes on the sky" Prads comforted the gal "Have patience, Swasthee... She will come now.... You know your mother is like that.... She makes one wait..."
The young girl suddenly asked "Is my mother your first love?"
Prads answered with a twinkle in his eye "No! I was in such a stage when love and pain became synonyms to me... But when I felt that pain was beyond bearable, your mother made her entry" and suddenly the young girl ran towards the garden entrance shouting gleefully, "Mummy!!! Mummy!!!" Before Swats could get a clear view of the mother... the vision gets blurred and suddenly it went blank. After some time,the usual Doordarshan multi-colored interruption signal appeared in front of her eyes and then the words in block letters SORRY FOR THE INTERRUPTION"

Swats was very mad at Surendra "What the hell! I want to SEE the girl in Prads life and I want to see her NOW!!! " Surendra shrugged his shoulders, "But you cannot."
Swats was very near to break his neck,"And may I know why?"
Surender smiled and answered, "Had one been able to see his girl he would get in his life... I wouldn't be here.... I would have been at home cooking for my wife... and the count would have been just one"
Swats got very frustrated and just started walking away.Surendra stopped her and comforted her, "Its not the exact future you saw.. Its the future you want for him that you saw." and after a pause, he added, "Don't worry about Prads. He will come out of the pain or whatever he is going through.. But you be there with him...No matter who broke his heart, or how long it takes to heal, he'll never get through it without his friends.... Remember that"


brajmohan said...

I liked the story, I really liked the story. And yeah, we need our friends to be around...forever...


Priya Joyce said...

awwwww loved the part wen he called his daughter swasthee ;):):)

well I so wish tat prads actually gets the gal he wants :))

lovey dovey post!!

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