Monday, February 14, 2011

Angry Young Woman

Unintentionally Prads had become the cause for Surendra's misery. His girl fell for Prads' charisma and prads's gud friend Swats was doing the damage control exercise. She tried to get the new girl Karthika out of Surendra's mind, "She is so fickle-minded... if she can so easily change her mind, think of what will happen to you, if she had met Prads after the marriage.. Every thing happens for good, baba"

Surendra fell for it very easily but put forward his fear, "But she looks like an angel. How can I let her go. And mother says, girls would easily forget everything once they get married..."
Swats felt like laughing, "Your mother still reads you bedtime stories. You should listen to the old elvis pressly song. He had advised boys so beautifully, 'she looks like a angel, she walks like a angel, she talks like a angel. But I got wise. She was a devil in disguise."
Sweet words of Swats made Surendra forget the lessons his mother had taught him.

Just then Prads entered and he was very mad and yells at Surendra, "That girl Karthika has gone mad. She came to my house and asked my mother for my hand. My mother first thought the girl was asking her son's hand to push some vehicle which had got stuck... She has left me confused!!!"
Swats suddenly turned to Prads, "What! A girl had come to your doorsteps and standing on her toes she had asked for you as her life partner and you have sent her away dejected.. Great! what kind of a fool you are?:"
Surendra couldn't believe what he was hearing, " You are two tongued... Gosh! All girls are confusing,,,"

Prads agreed with him, "Agreed ! After many days I got in touch with the girl from the big bad city and she messages me back, 'May I know who is this'"
Swats felt like slapping her friend Prads, "What! You tried to open a closed chapter....You very well know that you should stop looking backward and start moving forward" Prads answered her very slowly, "I know when to stop. I know when to let things go. I know when to move on. But “I know” is different from 'I can'",
Swats got really mad and she fired her anger at Surendra, "And you Mr Surendra! Listen! Don't do the mistake made by Prads... This girl Kathika is a closed chapter for you...Forget her!!!"
Surendra felf very strange, "Swasthee! First make up your mind, whom do you want to scold! Me or Prads!"

Swats felt very tired, "I think all boys are alike! All boys need to be put before the firing squad and shot at..." Leaving the sentence unfinished she starts departing from the place."
Surendra couldn't understand what was happening in Swats mind and remarked to Prads, "She is so wrong... naa...?"
Prads thinks about it and says, "No!She is very strong..." saying so, he proceeds to stop her and bowing down his head, "Tell me, my majesty! what should I be doing next? Proposing to karthika..."
Surendra left another shriek which no one would care to, :"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"


Divya said...

Lol... that was very funny!

Priya Joyce said...

don't think its sooooo difficult to forget the one you once loved.
Self respect is above all.
I guess and hope prads realizes it :)
nice post.
loved surendra more tho :P

Dawn....सेहर said...

Nice story...somewhere I felt I know this story in real happened somewhere :) ....Surendra seemed like a composed person ...nice read.
Keep it up..

Prathi said...

good going.......but i think the characters in ur story are somewhere related to ur life ;-)

keep writing, truly gud to read ...:)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Divya

@ Priya
Prads has still not realized it. :)

@ Fiza
story is all my imagination.. But may be imagination picked it up from some real life characters... but i cant remember :)

@ Prathi
Hmm...the stories r just a figment of imagination... maybe sumtimes i take a simple incident from my life and play around with it...

Prathima Bhat said...

May be the girl from the Big Bad city has changed her number coz she got transfered and someone else msgd?

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