Sunday, April 20, 2008

Watch a bad movie

There are advantages of watching a bad movie. Bad movies makes u think, of why the movie is bad. It will also help you advice others not to watch a movie. Sometimes the reviews by big newspapers are misleading.

Take the recent movie ACCIDENT directed by Ramesh Arvind, that talented actor. The movie is a waste from the scene one. My good friend who came to watch with me had the suspense solved within half an hour of the movie.

So what went wrong. Direction all the way. The plot was there. Had it been handled sensibly, it could have been a well told story. Whats Pooja Gandhi doing in the movie. Wouldnt it have been better if the role was played by Tapori Rachna herself. And how does Rekha fit into the role of Ramesh's wife. God Knows. The first half was very bad with so many loose ends. Second half was little better directed. The only saving grace was the song " Baa Malleya Baa". Though SudhaRani was only for some minutes on screen, i thought she looked more beautiful and acted with more superbly than Rekha and Pooja. Now that is what is meant by Putting life into the character.

Better go and rewatch the old ACCIDENT


vinit kulal said...

Hi Suresh, how do you deceide to go for a movie which is bad? Do you already know the movie is bad or you go see the movie and then decide if movie is bad once you let me know this then i will reply on your remaing post.

vinit kulal said...

Accident if not mistaken is a directoral debut of Ramesh he is as you said is "That Talented Actor" you have hence answered the question what went wrong in direction that is he is testing his ability as director.But the news is it has made money.;

vinit kulal said...

Director vision is always his dreams he reflects on the screen hence I would really not like to comment as who should have done which role, as per your say first half was bad direction second half was little better directed see RAMESH IS IMPROVING AS DIRECTOR.

Suresh Kumar said...


I dont write off anything without first seeing it be it a file or a movie.

Ramesh, being a talented actor and in the field for more than a decade should know how to capture the attention of the viewer. He has not attempted to make a run of a mill movie, he has selected a suspense thriller. Then I expect a intelligent movie.

This is Rameshs third attempt. The earlier two attempts were remakes.
Rama Bhama Shyama was a remake of Sathi Leelavathi (Tamil) in which he himself played the hero. Sathyan.... his second movie is a remake(not a rehash but) of a hindi movie Mein Pyar Kyun Kiya which was inspired from Caddyshack.

Always directors in southern movies have second half. but they spice up beautifully the first half with masala elements. Thats definitely missing here

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