Sunday, April 13, 2008

Why Am I Blogging

Bcoz the whole world is doing. I have seen blogs which has only recipes, blogs which stage a growth of a child through different ages (I think that blog and the kid is 5 years old now) . Another Truman Show in Progress.

I always fancy movies with good plots, that one concept that keeps it apart.

Recently watched a malayalam movie called Chocolate where due to some reservations, a handsome guy is given a admission for a PG Course in an all girls college. It had its good share of laughter and drama. But the ragging part of the movie was hilarious where the girls make the boy wear a petticoat.

So College Campus is used as a setting around which good concepts are woven and then masala and characters are added. One such good example is Mein Hoon Naan where they took the College as the centre stage, then made Shahrukh Khan, a man in 30s get a admission, masala was added in the form of an old broken relationship and charactors were added like that of sunil shetty. Phew! Movie is ready. Sorry, Blockbuster is ready.

This is true not only in Malayalam and Hindi but also in Bollywood.

Take for example, Never been kissed staring Drew Barrymore. Concept - a reporter getting admission to a college who is not beauty conscious or something like that; Masala; Some report for the local newspaper; Characters : Some bitches and a handsome professor and some funny colleagues. Phew! Movie is ready.

So easy to make a movie na

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vinit kulal said...

Hi I feel your blogging because you get pleasure from it because I am sure you wouldnt do what the whole world doing such as drinking smoking Etc.....if movie making was so easy every home would had one movie to their family name.. and we would have had so many topics on your blog critising them,Movies are made for entertainment, here the director trys his way of dreaming in form of drama on the silver screen some like the way it was presented some dont but if you want all reality drama action kindly go to Kidwai hospita there you will see real drama filled with lots of emotion, if you want action go to border where you can see how the army jawan leads a life when we blog here Morale film making is only creation of directors dream, and making movie aint easy.....

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