Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Mobile Philosophy

Religious Discourses were not her cup of tea. But Seema's husband Preetham was reluctant on taking her to a nearby temple where a discourse on soul-body concept was being delivered. She made the point that the eminent scholar would only be successful in putting her to a sleep rather than putting the message into her head. He smiled, "Hmm.... Even Subhadra went to sleep and so also did Kayadu.....!". A frown appeared on Seema's face on hearing the names of girls, "Subhadra!.....Kayadu! Who the hell are they! Your past girlfriends! And you took your girlfriends to a discourse on a date!"

Preetham laughed out loud, "No! You Silly Girl! Subhadra was the mother of Abhimanyu who learn t the greatest war lessons while he was in his mother's womb from Lord Krishna himself and Prahlad learnt the lessons of Devotion from Sage Narada while he was a foetus in his mother's womb....So I know that If You don't listen to the discourse, our future child will certainly listen."
Seema knew that it was waste of time arguing with her God-fearing husband and she accompanied him to the Sermon.

But surprise was waiting for them at the arena as they sat next to a mother and her teenage son. The teenager was very upset with his mother for snatching his mobile. He had become restless. Then the discourse began. The eminent scholar focused on the strange relationship between the Soul and Body, "You are not the body. You are the soul. You have a body.... This Soul will leave the body and find a new one.... It may find a healthy body or a weak body.... Its just a process.... a simple one... the soul is removed from a old body and put into a new one"
The teenager's mother got a nice explanation from her son, "This Soul thing, your scholar is talking about, seems very much like my sim card. I take the sim card from one mobile and put it into another, now and then. Now my BSNL simcard or BSNL Athma(Soul) has found a ERICSSON cell phone or ERICSSON jeeva (Body)...."
Though the mother was angry at her son's reaction, it brought a big smile on Seema's face and she also enjoyed the expression on her dear husband's face.

The Scholar was continuing unaware of the nice explanations given by the youngster, "When the soul finds a new body, it forgets everything about the old. But the memory sometimes remains.... Do you know why?..."
While the scholar was giving the answer, the teenager had his own answer for the same and his mother had to listen, "Mom.... I know why? Its so simple. Its because... instead of saving onto the sim memory or as the scholar says AATMA, one saves everything on to the JEEVA that is the cell phone memory. So when you move to a new Jeeva or a cell phone, you lose your memory unless you have saved it on to the sim card...Do you really need a preacher to explain all these..."
Seema was completely agreeing on whatever the youngster was explaining. Preetham was looking around to see if they were any other empty seats. But he was not lucky that day.

The Scholar was coming to a conclusion with a explanation on the moksha or the ultimate liberation from the life cycles. But the youngster understood it in his own different manner as he shouted, "Kar lo duniya muthi main (Have the world in your hands), Reliance!." His mother ignored him. But Seema was curious and asked very eagerly, "Can you explain why?" The teenage was happy on knowing that he had a follower for his mobile philosophy, "The Earlier Reliance Set with the CDMA Technology. You can use the reliance sim card with only reliance cell phone set. So no question of shifting the sim card onto Nokia or Ericcson. It gets its liberation along with the Cell Phone....rite!"
Seema was also enlightened and also gave a emphatic reply, "Rite! You are indeed an enlightened soul!" Preetham didn't wait any longer before taking the decision to exit the arena along with his dear wife before it was too late. He didn't want his unborn to learn bad things from the womb itself.


nands said...

"And you took your girlfriends to a discourse on a date!"
Too good. :D
You write great. I love the humour specially.

Prathima Bhat said...

Hahaha!!! Absolutely loved the philosophy of the teenager!! What a perfect description in resemblance with the body and soul..

Wonderful post for a monday morning to start my work :) Thanks a lot...

Priya Joyce said...

i muss tell u...aaj kal ke bacche...tey r very very difficult to understand n explain a thng to..

ao it's bettr tat elders keep away :P:P
well else it's bett r tat tey contact a psychiatrist bfore :P:P

Dawn....सेहर said...

Awesome! Where do you bring all these :) ?
I enjoyed your post thoroughly
Keep it up

Lena said...

nice philosophy.. actually really creative parallels. Good work :)

JyotiAjay said...

your writing is really superb.

Arjun said...

Amazing way to understanding the concept of the soul! Too simplified for the modern techie.. :)
I'm sorry as I'm unable to follow the blogs regularly these days. But I do read your blogs, even if my comments might be missing.

Suresh Kumar said...

@ All
Thanks. and Sorry for replying so late.

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