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The Best Teacher!

It seems there is a crowd at Seema's place with three generation ladies gathered there - Riya the twelve year old girl, Seema, the pregnant wife of Preetham and Preetham's mother. Riya was preparing a card for her best teacher on the teachers day occasion when she popped up a question at Seema, "Did you had any favorite teacher?" Seema gave a naughty answer, "When I was in College, I liked the Hindi Teacher for his sweet nightingale like voice, the English Sir for the stares he gave me during the classes and the Commerce lecture for his height... " Preetham just cleared his throat hinting to stop her excitement while his mother was present.

The young girl turned from the daughter in law towards the mother in law, "Granny, Did you had any favorite teacher?" It was a complete wrong question as Preetham's mother didn't had that much education. Yet it didn't prevent her from answering, "Yes! Nature! She is the best teacher."
Seema said to herself, "This old lady will never fail to answer. And now, she will start a lecture"
Riya was confused, "Can you expalin to me how is nature a teacher! Does she have a cane like our teacher?"

The old lady laughed, "No! Gentle are her ways... Let me tell you a small story. In scotland some centuries ago, a brave king was defeated by his enemies many times and finally he retreated to a cave. The soldiers came looking for him. He prayed to God to help him out. That time he saw a spider which was trying to weave its web across the cave. He felt how this small spider could help him out with its web. As he saw, the wind howled and blew the web apart. It tried again and again relentlessly. When the enemies neared the cave, the spider web was successfully strung across the entrance of the cave."
The young girl reasoned out, "The soldiers must have thought, 'If anyone is inside, he should have broken the spider's web to enter the cave'. And so they didn't search the cave and the king was saved. Right!"
The old lady smiled, "Right, Cutie! and tell me what could be the moral of the story?"
While the young girl was taking some time to guess, the daughter in law volunteered to answer, "Try Try till you die... I mean.... till you succeed!"
The mother in law was not ready to accept the daughter in law's answer, "Hmmm... Look it from a philosophical angle. Where God is, a spider's web is as a stone wall. Where God is not, a stone wall is as a spider's web**"

The son Preetham joined his mother to give another example, "Not only western.... but in our history also there is instances of nature teaching great statesmen including the likes of Chanyaka. Do u know the story of the ant helping Chanakya to escape from being caught by the enemies?" Without waiting for a answer, he started narrating the story, "Legend has it that once Mauryan forces had to hide in a cave. They were starving there without food. But coming out meant being captured by the enemy. At that time Chanakya observed a ant taking a grain of nice. But there was no sign of grain or foodstock anywhere. He also observed that the rice grain was cooked. He ordered the mauryan soldiers to search. As they did, they found that the enemies had been dining under that cave. Immediately they escaped from there and saved themself"
When mother saw her child Preetham joining with his story, she got excited, "See my child Riya! This nature has always taught good men....."

Seema got somewhat uneasy with the way things went and had something to add and something definitely opposite, "Not only good men.... but also bad men take lessons from the nature and do evil things...:" The mother in law was irritated and demanded, "Do you have an example, Seema!"
Seema spoke in a mocking manner, "You must have read the Mahabharatha and other holy fictions an umpteen number of times and still you ask me?"
Mother-in-law's memory was deinitely fading as Seema continued, "I am honoured to explain to you, my dear Mother In Law. Remember the end of the Mahabharatha war.Remember Ashwathama! No one could be as cruel as him. In the enemy camp only three warriors were left including Ashwathama and that too without their king and they were pondering of their next strategy.Thats when, Ashwathama observed how an owl was attacked by crows in the day and how the owls attacked back in the night. Thus he attacked the Pandavas army camp after dark and killed the five sons of the Pandavas and all their allies. A bloody end to the war brought out by Ashwathama from the lesson he learnt from the owls." The last lines were uttered by Seema with a wicked but a victorious smile.

With that smile, the atmosphere suddenly turned into a very silent and eerie, somewhat like the Kurukshethra after the war end, with Mother in law and daughter in law looking at each other with intense eyes. No one was trying to break the ice. Young Riya turned to Preetham and slowly hissed into his ears, "Hasn't Mother Nature taught you of what to do in such a difficult and tense situation like this one"

** The quote taken from the web


Priya Joyce said...

OMG....hahaha Seema sounds juss like me :P
hahah lolzzz..
well the young n li'l riya ended it very well
as usual the funny twishttt :P

wonderfully put..n emotions + joke woo nice combi hehe

happy teacher's day :):)

Hopeless Romantic said...

alright, three things about this one...

(a) I was very proud of the fact that i know about a lot of facts about Mahabharata, much much more than normal ppl IQ, you made me humble, because even i didn't knew this Ashawathama fact. I have read the whole 18 chapters twice (courtesy Gorakhpress),and found it to be too intriguing. I like it when you intersperse them in your stories.

(b)A suggestion, Introduce your characters in the story a little slowly, sometimes they come too fast and a reader can be zapped. Don't compromise if it gets a little longer, effect is more important. Like here, in the first line you introduced so many characters, i immediately have to stop and read it again to get the grasp of all of them. Point is, it breaks your speed. I am stopping even before starting. Got the drift...

c) It was commendable to have come up with such a post on teacher's day. I myself have had good experience specially in school dressed up as teacher and bossing around. Not to forget trying to impress the girls, lol

Keep penning,

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

LOLL!!! thats nice!!

If i were there, I'd have said yeah but my teacher taught me about nature :)

This is a wonderful post.. i want to do a post about it.. hope you dont mind.

Meira said...

Had I been in Preetham's place, I would have run away at once :D

Lena said...

You so greatly have woven the plot around the quotes. Like the whole idea behind this chapter :)

Prathima Bhat said...

A very wonderful post... Had three short stories...
Its been long time since i read fables....
Thank u so much for reminding me of the days when i spent time with mom listening to such nice moral stories.. :)

Charmed One! said...

Hey even i never knew about the Owl story from Mahabharatha... Ur posts are like mini wikipedia :) ...

Dhandal said...

women power jindabad!
Three in one! I mean three generations on one table! Nice post!

Keshi said...

Hi Suresh hows it going? Didnt read this post, Im just here to say HI to my fav ppl in Blogville :) and u r def one of them!

Keep writing n hvn fun, TC,

Smi said...

Namaskara Sir...houda atte maneyali haayegi tinkondo onnkondi iddene...I am not able to read much so ammana manege hod melene yalla nimma housa post odondu ...keep writing

deeps said...

quite an effortless piece of writing.... enjoyed going thru it

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Priya
U sound more like Riya to me :)

@ Amit
I'll definitely work on Point 2 and try to improve myself

@ Harini
That was a very nice post from you.

@ Meira
Tu itni darpokh hain... this I didn't knew :)

@ Lena
Thank u ..........

@ Prathima BhaT
Its my pleasure..

@ Charmed One
The owl story is in Wikipedia also

@ Anandita
Thank u....

@ Keshi
waiting eagerly for ur post...

@ Smi
Sure... Nimma time tekoli, no problems.... After a long time, u r back, rite... Enjoy madi.....

@ deeps

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