Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Ideal Husband

It has been a routine for Preetham now. Spending the weekend at his wife's place with his wife and kid. That weekend too, the story was no different. But this time around, Preetham had brought the Souten(Mistress) along. His laptop!!.

While Seema was glued to the idiot box, Preetham was busy with the new client acquisition and its documentation work on his laptop. Seema was getting bored and then a voice coming from the idiot box caught her attention.

The presenter of a show was using his voice effectively to garner attention, "Are you sitting and watching this show alone while your husband is working on his lapptop?" Seema just nodded her head in affirmative. To that the host asked his viewer 'take a look at this' and the scene in the telly showed a young man in his thirties looking at the horizon and sound of a whistle could be heard in the background. The host then questioned, "Do you think he is sitting in the laps of the nature and that sound is the whistling of a train running through the meadows?"
Seema innocently answered, "It looks so...."
The host corrected her immediately and showed her the wider picture of the young man waiting in the verandah of his home, "He is waiting for his dear wife to return from her work... and that sound is not of the train... but its sound of the pressure cooker... coming from inside the house...."
When the narrator mentioned pressure cooker, the young man jumped to his feet and ran inside the house.

Narrator then took Seema back to the beginning of the story, "When they got married some six months back, the girl took a promise from the boy that whoever reaches the home first in the evening will cook for the other..."
Seema smiled and commented, "Whoever wants the janam-janam-ka saath promise. This promise is more practical" and she remembered those wondeful lines, "I like hugs and I like kisses...But what I really love is help with the dishes!"
The host started briefing up on the couple, "The boy worked in a government office as a accountant while the wife worked in a prestigious software company. So you know who usually reaches the home first? Its the boy..."
The host added his own bit of sarcastic remark which didn't go fine with Seema, "I remember what Rita Rudner once said,'I love being married.Its great to find that one person you want to annoy all your life.' This girl seemed to be of that mindset..."

But the young man who was being featured was of a good mindset. He didn't mind cooking for his wife. After the dishes, he started setting the whole place in order. The narrator reminded him, "Wasn't the promise only to make the dishes..."
The young man spoke his mind, "When my wife comes home tired, I want to provide her a nice environment to relax."
The narrator annoyed her further with his next question, "Cooking! Cleaning! Now Isn't this what they call being joru ka ghulam (Slave of wife)?"
Seema thought the host was corrupting the young man, "The weak are always trying to sabotage the strong"

The host was nearing the end, "In our home, I have a cat which senses me coming home from a mile distance just with the sound of the horn of my bike. The story is no different here..."
And then the young man heard the faint sound of a horn coming from a distance and announced, "That's my wife's company vehicle's horn.. She's here!" Dropping the broomstick, he ran to the gates to greet her..
The narrator's voice was reading the situation badly, "I find it awkward to look at the scene where a husband is waiting for his wife at the gates!"
Seema was literally shouting at the idiot box, "I find it too romantic, you stupid! Its one of basic human necessity to have someone at home waiting for his or her return. And this good husband understands it, you nincompoop!"

The host then came onto the screen and asked the viewer and it looked he was asking Seema directly, "You seem to like it! Is the story same at your home?" Seema with a tinge of sadness shook her head saying "No"
The host threw another question, "Do you want your husband to wait and cook for you like this ?" Seema nodded her head, "Definitely! Daily!"

Suddenly Preetham put his laptop down and questioned his wife," What are you doing? Shaking and nodding your head at the blank telly?" Seema looked at her husband and then at the television and she realized that the telly was not even connected.
She looked at her young one and remarked, "Oh My Daughter! You are making me dream more these days..." Preetham smiled and said, "No matter whatever your dreams are! I will try to make them a reality"
Seema laughed aloud thinking of her dreams and it seemed her baby joined her too in the laughter.


Hopeless Romantic said...

good one, made me grin a little :D

Priya Joyce said...

ur stories are worth visualizing!!
I really felt I was watching seema prerana and preetham's smiling scene frm far by hehe

Well missed Manya ;)

Small moments silly moments stupid moments..make life happy..
well narrated da :)

Cinderella said...

time to fulfill some promises :D

Nice story.. I wish, the guys of my generation turn into the kind of husband, you described in your post. That wud be such a huge gift to the entire mankind - with happy wives all men will have happy lives :)

euphoria :D

Tulika said...

This was Fab !!!

Put up amazingly well.
I so loved it.

Great !!!

All the Best.

Divya said...

wow.. i jus cudn believe that this can be so true... suspense was good for sure! :)

lena said...

that was nice, like the twist... and isn't it every girl's dream? :D

Prathima Bhat said...

Hmm.. Nice one.. story within a story :) A dreamy one!!

I wonder how so many nice plots comes to ur mind every week to keep the readers waiting for ur next post :) Phewww!!!!

Dawn....सेहर said...

Awesome :) loved the gestures you have shared so clean and effectively :)- One can very well imagine in mind!
Keep writing

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Amit
Ty... waiting for ur comeback

@ PJ
Manya next mein aayegi...

@ Narmatha
wud luv to c u more often on my blog...

@ Tulika

@ Divya
U ppl wud luv it to be true

@ Lena
I sure think so

@ Prathima
when i have ppl like u encouraging me, i will sure try to come up with more interesting post

@ Dawn

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