Saturday, April 10, 2010

Forgetting Something

Preetham seemed to be disturbed and was so not able to focus on work properly. Manya was able to read it and questioned her boss as to what was bugging him. Like a amnesiac patient, Preetham replied, "There is a anniversary that I need to celebrate this day. But I am not able to remember as to what or whose anniversary it is? Whatsoever pressure I apply to the mind, its not helping me remember"

The big boss, the CEO of the company who heard the conversation as he was passing by, stopped to give a quick advise to Preetham, "Check your facebook or orkut account na. It will remind you if it is any of your friend's birthday anniversary." Preetham obeyed his boss's commands with pleasure, "Such a nice boss! He himself is encouraging the use of orkut and facebook at workplace. Har Kissiko nahi miltha aisi BOSS zindagi mein." Manya was not impressed that Preetham was using the networking sites for such purpose, "What a age! We need to be reminded about our friends birthdays.. We can't remember their birthdays... So bad!*" But Preetham was not listening as he announced the result of orkuting, "Nothing! None of my friends seems to be born in this month at all."

Evening set in and it was the time for the working class to return to their nests. But even the light breeze and the soothing music coming from the car stereo failed to make his mind remember how the day was special. Unknowingly, Preetham had stepped on the gas and this caught the attention of the aged traffic cop. He stopped Preetham's vehicle and started writing the ticket for speeding. Manya tried to convince the cop not to fine them and she narrated her boss's plight.
The cop gave a mischievous smile, "I hope its not your wedding anniversary?" Preetham found it difficult to remember his wedding anniversary, but he heard himself answering, "Still months to go..." Manya was a bit disappointed, "I don't know why boys forget the marriage anniversary... What should girls do, so that boys can remember the marriage anniversary?"
The cop replied with a glee, "They should do like my wife did!... She married me on my birthday... Now my happiest day and saddest day fall on the same date" These kind of replies annoys Manya and ignoring the cop, she asked her boss to vacate the place.

As they neared home, Preetham spotted a girl from his neighborhood sitting all to herself at the bus stop and looking a bit sad. He couldn't stop himself from inquiring her state of mind. She tried to fake a smile, "Two years ago, this is where my first love broke up with me. Today is the second anniversary! And I am celebrating it all ALONE.." Preetham didn't get it, "What's there to celebrate?" The girl soberly replied, "Nakamiyabi! Badi hi ajeeb tareke se nakamiyab hue hum duno. Woh Hame Chah na saake aur hum unhe bhula na pae..**. So here I am... still unable to forget."
Immediately Manya said, "Sir! Is it something sad that is also bugging you. Something sad that you want to forget but it is still lingering somewhere in the memory...." Preetham shook his head, "The writer above has not written any sad part in my life till now!" Preetham asked the young girl whether she cared for a lift. The girl refused the lift saying she wanted to wait till the sun set.

A well-groomed husband that he was, Preetham was on time at home. But even his dear wife Seema couldn't remember why the day was so special and she answered that made her husband happy, "Looks like the Almighty wants us to celebrate the day. So why don't we just dine out!!!" Preetham never says NO to his dear wife. On the way, Seema just thanked her stars, "Thanks a lot, God! My Mother-in-law has gone for that temple festival and I was feeling very lazy to cook. Whatever or whoever that has gone into my husband's head, I am thankful for that!"

AUTHORS NOTE: It was me, the author of the blog who got into Preetham's head. April 13th is my blog's second anniversary and so I wanted my characters to celebrate. But I was not successful in conveying this message to my lead character :( No Regrets! as they are celebrating anyway :)

Thank you one and all. Keep me encouraging.

* Quote of a good friend
** Anonymous.


Divya said...

good one... well, after reading ur blog, i remembered that yday was my frnd's bday... so called him up immediately :)

Priya Joyce said...

tats perfect suresh' style of telling us tat he's completed two lovely yrs over here..

congratzz keep going da !

prathimavbhat said...

Congrats for completing 2yr of blogging... :)

HaRy!! said...

a year and am still counting.. way2goooo.. nice!

Tan said...

Hearty Congratz Suresh!!! I just loved the way you conveyed that :)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Divya
Hmm... sum1 is made happy by my blog. That is nice :)

@ PJ

Thanks a lot

@ Hary

@ Tan
Thank u

Prathi said...

hey the idea of celebrating and involving ur character is too gud,...liked a lot

nands said...

Hey Suresh, April 13th is my Birthday! :D

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Prathima

@ Nands
I know... I wished u on the blog... remember...

nands said...

And, congratulations for entertaining and educating us for 2 years! :)

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