Saturday, March 27, 2010

Whats with the Age?

Seema was happy and sad at the same time. Happy that, after a long hiatus, she is visiting a wedding. Sad, because she has a throat infection and that will prevent her from doing much of what she likes doing regularly, talking.
So the entire family(Seema, her DH Preetham, MIL and her baby)arrived at the venue. Along with them came their young twelve year old neighbor Riya and Preetham's Sister's thirteen year old son Deepak.
At the venue, Kavya, a relative of Preetham came searching for Seema. She wanted some advice on the groom she had selected. She fears whether the age difference of eight years between her and her would-be is a matter of concern or not. A hoarse voice came from Seema' mouth with a shrug of shoulders which no one understood.

But then the next mature girl tried to interpret Seema's thoughts. It was Riya and she interpreted as follows, "She is telling you that age difference hardly matters as far as the girl is younger than the boy. Girls will be more mature compared to the boy of the same age..." Deepak objected to the statement, "I don't agree with this generalized statement." Riya smiled and pointed out to a girl and a boy who seemed to be around twelve years. Riya pointed the differences in how they behaved. "The girl was well dressed to the occasion, welcoming the guests and walked elegantly. The boy's dress had half come out and was running around the place as if an ant had bit his butt and he didn't even care to look when someone called his name." When he came near to Deepak, Deepak caught the boy and tucked his shirts in and gave him a dressing down, "Behave properly... Naak Katwadega Ladkonki public mein...."

Seema raised her right hand as if to say 'Stop! you silly girl' and coughed. She pointed her finger to the head and immediately Riya came with another explanation, "She wants to explain it technically. Medically, Puberty is faster with respect to girls." Seema was just expressionless as Riya continued her small lecture, "Puberty in girls is seen at a earlier age than in boys. On these lines, it is usually said that the minimum age difference should be 5 and ideal would be 7..." Deepak hardly understood anything about puberty, but still found himself agreeing with Riya. He made up his mind to google this out the next day at school, but he didn't knew the proper spelling of puberty. With embarrassment, he asked her the spelling. She answered him and complemented him for being mature, "The rate at which a person can mature is directly proportional to the embarrassment he can tolerate."* That compliment made Deepak blush with glee.

Seema was failing to communicate and gestured Kavya to stop listening to the young devil and chat with other people including her Mother in law. Riya thought she understood what Seema wanted to communicate, "She is asking you to look around you and giving her own Mother-in-law's example. Haven't couples with vast age difference lived a good life? Though Seema may have some complains against her Mother-in-law, her father in law has none. They are having a peaceful and happy life. The vast age differences hardly matters and it's all just a number. What really important is the maturity level of the partners."
Deepak was all praise for his girl, "Wow! You are really one smart girl." Riya was humble enough, "Its the school I go that has made me so smart. Lady Hill School..." Deepak replied without thinking, "Even I got there admission. But couldn't join there..." Riya cleared a throat and reminded Deepak, "Its a girl's school! ...And you prove some of my earlier points about men" **

Seema was not able to further tolerate the torture and she just closed her eyes. That's when her husband Preetham came and explained to Kavya his wife's thoughts, "I don't think age gap matters while the girl and guy are comfortable with each others lifestyle and thoughts***. Am I right, Seema?"
Seema just smiled and rested her tired head against his shoulders as Preetham continued, "Do not limit the definition of relationship in terms of age. When hearts unite, why do you want the age to play the spoilsport?"

* Quote of Douglas Engelbart
** Adapted from a conversation in THE MONSTER HOUSE
*** Words of a good friend.


Priya Joyce said...

felt like it's abt my life :D

"I don't think age gap matters while the girl and guy are comfortable with each others lifestyle and thoughts***.

that's the point...
Ur friend is very much right here..

if both are in the marriageable age and both love each other..then age is something of the least or no concern!!


Dawn....सेहर said...

Nice fact I agree with the fact that it's not the age but the thought matters a lot.
I am sure the coming generation will accept this :)
Nice one with the age ;-)

V. Archana said...

oohhhooo... :( thats something which contradicts my thoughts regarding age factor and marriage.. i would look for a man who would surely be elder to me ;) but not more than 3 years. and my mom too agrees with that..

scientifically speaking,u r right regarding the puberty thing.. and thats one reason y normally when it comes to marriage, the bride is younger than the groom...and not the other way round.

but,"7 years" is no way ideal yaar.. i have uncles who are 6-7 yrs elder to me :( and i do address them as uncles :P and also have uncles and aunties who are younger to me(as per the line of relationship)but dont even dare to call them like that :P :P

Travelling Rants said...

i too agree its your level of understanding and the way you are with each other rather than the age..

noce post

Arjun said...

Sure age gap might not be a big issue. But what do you have to say about the gap as big as between Salman Rushdie and Padma Lakshmi? :)

Lena said...

I think age difference does not matter that much usually... but it can be a problem sometimes because it might turn out that people have totally different interests and values exactly because of age.

Divya said...

such a sweet post :)

delivered message in a comical way... :)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ PJ
I can't disagree with you re..

@ Fiza
It seems most girls have the same view

@ Archana
One girl who differs in opinion. Nice to hear ur view. But i strongly disagree with u :)

@ TR

@ Arjun
All I can say is Rushdie got lucky...

@ Lena
Hmm... I believe ppl wud think abt that irrespective of the age

@ Divya

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