Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good Bye Kisses

Preetham was not in the best of the moods. He had to leave for office too early (At seven itself) as his project was to go live and to make matters worse, his wife Seema didn't wake up from her sleep to kiss him goodbye. He decided to pick up his junior Manya on the way to office. Not surprisingly, his car horn served as her wake up alarm and he was kept waiting for some ten minutes.
Preetham found the entire girl community as his target for the frustration, "There was a time when girls woke up early and armed with a tin of rangoli powder, they made an elaborate carpet of colors unfold in front of the house. But I think all the modern girls wake up late. Such a bad habit! Who can change them? Only divine intervention, I presume?"

Manya smiled and at the same time came up with a suggestion when she saw a poojari at a railway crossing, "Why don't you ask him?" The Poojari was double quick to react, "You offer a homa to Sun God and he will do the rest. The cost would be...."
Before he could complete the Sun in a human form appeared on the horizon and with a depressed look, spoke "Don't believe him... Your superstar told, 'when you want something, the whole universe conspires with you to get it' But even with the whole universe behind me, I am not successful in waking up these girls. I hiss into their ears, 'See the beautiful sunrise. I have just made it for you.' They just ignore me and reply, 'Isn't there a better way to welcome the morning other than waking up.' Why!!!?"
Manya was quick with a reply, "That's because the girls believe you are a bewafa. Have u not heard that shayari which is used as mobile forward, 'Duniya mein bewafaon ki kami nahin hai...Ab suraj ko hi dekh lo...Aata hai Usha ke saath...Rehta hai Kiran ke saath...Aur jaata hai Sandhya ke saath!"
The Sun got more depressed and vanished from the scene.

As they speed down the road, Manya observed cop Ali inspecting a lorry and she got a idea, "If the cops can impose some section and make people not come out of the house... Don't they have some powers to impose some section and make girls wake up before seven.... " Preetham decided to talk with his old friend on this. But the answer from the cop disappointed him, "Why do you want to wake the girls to wake up so early. They look more pretty with their mouths shut and eyes closed... especially my one..." When he saw that Preetham didn't quite take it, he used better words, "Do you hear that chirping of birds? Do you hear that light sound of the breeze?" When Preetham nodded his head, The cop explained his stand, "Now you wouldn't be able to hear them if all the girls woke up early."
Manya couldn't control her rage and she just wanted to attack the cop and her eyes fell on the jack in the back seat. Preetham quickly read the anger in her eyes and made the exit from the place. Manya angrily blurted out, "You just saved your friend's life!"

But Preetham was still disturbed. Manya had one last crazy idea, "Why don't you speak with the Prime Minister and make him pass a bill. I have my ex-boyfriend working at the Prime Minister's Office. He will connect us to the PM" Girls can so easily exert their influences. Within minutes, PM was on line.
But PM was taken aback by Preetham's suggestion and replied, "I always respect independence of women... Anything which takes away their Independence is not acceptable to me... A lady has every right to take her own decision whether it be her career,life or waking up early in the morning" After a small pause, Preetham heard the PM speak to someone else who was also present there, "kyun... madamji... mein teek kaha na.."
Preetham guessed as to what was happening behind closed doors and thought that nothing beneficial would turn out of conversing with this SMS (Sardar Manmohan Singh)

Then his cell phone bugged and there was a message. As he was handling the wheels, he asked Manya to read out the message. Manya directly reads out the message failing to check form whom it has come, "My Dear Shakthimaan..." and she laughs at that. Preetham quickly grabs the cell phone from her hand. "Its from my wife. She addresses me like that sometimes" and reads the rest of the message. But curiosity was killing Manya and she goes for the cell phone in his hand and reads the rest message loudly, "I was late in waking up... Sorry for that one... Reason is your daughter... She remained awake all the night... Anyway here are the goodbye kisses.. " And Manya's fingers got tired pressing the down button but the kisses didn't end. She asked surprisingly, "Does your wife's mobile come with Ctrl - C and Ctl - V buttons?"


V. Archana said...

he he... this is going pretty well..

Priya Joyce said...

no one not even all the Gods can..change seema's way..she has her own unique style of loving...
and I am sure preetham would love to keep it that way..

the husband wife suresh

Tan said...


Your imagination is running wild...Keep writing...Preetham and Semma really rock!!!

Tulika said...

heyy.. this is so cute.

Loved it yet again. :)

Anonymous said...

Thats a good one!Hilarious...

Prathima Bhat said...

Good one:) Lovely ending :)

BTW, i dint like Manya spying Preetham's mob.. but anyway...its just a story... so :)
I guess if she hadnt checked his mob, then we wouldnt have got such a nice ending :)

Arjun said...

The joke on the sun was too good. And the ending was just too sweet. Loved this one.

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Archana

@ Priya
Yups.... He definitely wud love to see her consistent in her approach...

@ Tan

@ Tulika

@ Farhana
Ty for leaving a comment

@ Prathima...
Manya has to mend her ways... :)

@ Arjun
Thanks a lot.

Divya said...

Is it ur own story?? u really ve this doubt?? :D :D

waise, ur friend is rite :) :)

n yea, every1 needs rest...huh!

Suresh Kumar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suresh Kumar said...

Definitely my story... but not from any experiences...
**Ur friend is rite**... u mean the cop when he said that girls look beautiful with their mouth shut and eyes closes... ?
No problem with sum rest... This was just for sum fun and from a person who wakes along with the sun :)

Prathi said...

gud one,..very nice

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