Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Morning Music

It was definitely not Seema's style to wake up so early as five AM. Something must have disturbed her sleep. Without disturbing her husband Preetham's sleep, She proceeded to the balcony from where she thought she heard the small noise. When she reached the balcony, She found her mother in law sitting on the edge looking at the nature around her and listening to its music. She teased her Mother-in-law, "Oh my dear MIL! Not so quick.... Don't contemplate suicide.. Haven't I been good to you?" and she sang the song, "Jaane na denge tujhe" from 3 Idiots.

Mother in law reprimanded her, "Stupid! Close your big mouth and open your ears. You will be able to listen to a great composer at work!"
Seema gave one of her surprised looks and said, "I knew that Maestro Rehman worked when everyone was lost in their sleep. But I never knew his work place was so near to my home"
This irritated the Mother-In-Law and she advised her, "Try to listen to the pleasant sounds that come through the unpolluted air of the early morning. Get the feeling of bliss by listening to them."

Seema very well knew that her mother in law was referring to the mother nature and the sounds of birds chirping, the gentle breeze etc. But she didn't want to easily admit it and lose some fun, "Yeah... Such a beautiful and soothing music..."
Mother in law was pleased with the answer, but it was short lived as Seema continued, "Its Maestro Rehman's music. Hum Hain Is Pal yahaan... Jaane hum kal kahaan" Mother in law's face turned reddish with anger and she was looking for an explanation.
Seema explained in a cool manner, "The air carried the ringtone of Neighbor Sheetal's cellphone to my ears. At the break of the dawn, her boy friend gives her a missed call sending her the message that early morning he may forget to brush his teeth but not her..." and then innocently added, "Wasn't it the music you wanted me to hear?"

The poor Mother-in-law asks her not so innocent Daughter-in-law to clear her mind of mundane things and concentrate on the nature.
Seema closes her eyes and puts her entire focus on the nature. After some time, she yells, "I hear it now!!!... It sounds like a gentle whistling sound."
Mother in law was happy that her attempt had succeeded but further words from Seema took away that happiness. A Confused Seema was commenting, "But the soft whistling sound is turning to a sharp shrill"
Mother-in-law wanted to yell at Seema, but she controlled her urge as Seema explained of what she was hearing, "Its the sound of the pressure cooker from Mrs Rajini's house. She is preparing those hard-to-crack idlis for her soft-natured husband. I feel pity on the husband.."

But Seema didn't feel any pity playing with her Mother-in-law's emotions and that too early in the morning. And she started cajoling her Mother-in-law, "Please! Let me try one more time. I will apply my mind fully now and get tuned to the nature."
Mother-in-law fell for that one and started explaining the technique, "Ignore all those sounds and focus on those morning sounds that vibrates your body and soul. Try to feel that cool sensation that passes through your whole body..."
Seema seemed to be following her Mother-in-law's instruction and after sometime she said in a confused tone, "I am feeling vibrated.... My mind is also vibrating... But I am not able to feel that cool sensation. It is not a pleasant vibration"
Mother in law wanted to know what she was listening. Seema was not the one to improve so easily, "It seems Major Uncle Narayan is up already. He has switched on the pump to send the water to the tanks above so his tenants living in the first floor are not troubled. Such a good Samaritan"

Now that was the last straw. Mother in law was fuming with anger, "You will never be able to hear those morning sounds... the sound of the birds chirping, the sound of the cool breeze, the sound of the tiny animals and insects.... this is the music of the nature and this is the best music... I feel you are so unfortunate unable to hear it... Is there any other better music than this...."
As if to answer her, a baby's cry fell on their ears. It was Seema's three month old daughter Prerana. Seema answered gently which brought a smile on the Mother-in-law's face, "For me... this is the most melodious music to hear... " and then she excused herself, "If you don't mind, I need to attend to my girl's solo performance... "


Priya Joyce said...

We women dun expect u men to understand us so well...
silly we r :P

u narrated so well ...hw much a mother values her daughter..only after her is nything else for her in life...


Divya said...

hehehe.... so nice... generally MILs taunt their DILs but u reversed it :D

V. Archana said...

That was so touchy :) seema really maintains a very good understanding with her MIL.

Prathima Bhat said...

Well written :)

Ya, the music of nature is really is rehman's music too :p

Meira said...

ha! I liked the neighbour's boyfriend. Is he single these days?

Travelling Rants said...

really a good piece it was really touchy

lena said...

Agreed on a touchy thing. Good writing yet again :)

Do you plan to compile the m all in a book?

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Priya
U so underestimate men! :(

@ Divya
In this age I think DILs do what I have written :)

@ Archana
Yeah... She has and knows very well when to pull her legs :)

@ Prathima
And I feel Rehman wud have been inspired by nature many times

@ Meira
He is very well single and trying to build up a relationship. Don't distract him :) TS, hav u read this comment

@ Travelling Rants

@ Lena
I have never thought of publishing. I just write for fun. But you have made me think....

Arjun said...

Indeed.. one's child is one's world. Everything comes after that :)

nands said...

"For me... this is the most melodious music to hear... "
That was so touchy! :)

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