Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Writers Block

"I am a writer. I want to die with the pen in my hand. But right now,I am going through a writers block... experiencing creative atyachaar!! I am writing this story about a family man who deserts his wife and kid to become a sanyasi and sits for meditation for world peace. But unable to continue the same..." These were the words spoken by a budding young writer Saagar at the breakfast table to his dear friend Preetham. He was a guest there and was relishing the idlis made by Seema. His further words annoyed Seema, "And I thought let me keep you as the inspiration for this story." Seema didn't like the thought of her husband being inspiration for a story of a family man becoming a sanyasi. Instead of serving him additional three steaming idlis she had in her hand, she served only cold one and She gave him that I-don't-like-the idea look.

Preetham was more gentle enough and nodded the head to his friend's request and said 'Be my guest till you complete the story.' Saagar didn't take much time to put his creative faculties to work. With a pen in his hand and paper on his laps, he took a corner in the garden and allowed his mind to wander and it was soon lost in a world of his own. Seema silently observed the writer from the kitchen. She didn't like someone even in his thoughts making her husband quit family life. Her thoughts were so strong that it seems to be transplanted into the author's mind. The author realized it when he started putting his thoughts on paper
Preetham left everything and went to the deep jungles to meditate on Lord Shiva. Months passed and finally Lord Shiva decides it is time to bless his devotee...
Before he could proceed with his thoughts, the pen was putting something down which was not definitely his thoughts. He didn't knew what was happening. Was Seema interfering with his thoughts. It seemed so as the story steered without the writers' control
Before Lord Shiva could make his appearance, Seema had come there searching for her husband. She saw him there in a dhothi and shirtless showing off his rich hair growth. But she couldn't come any further near. It looked as if the writer had drawn a laxman-rekha around her husband. But she was smart and slowly put the child inside the laxman-rekha. The patter of feet ad the sweet lisp broke his meditation. The girl child reminded him of same one. The eyes, that 24-carat smile, etc were exactly the carbon copy of Seema's. When Preetham remembered his family life, Lord Shiva sat back in his seat "Oh No! Here goes another penance down the drain!" And Seema knew the correct emotional dialogue for the situation "This child needs mother's unconditional love as well as father's affection and attention for proper development."
Saagar was stunned at what he was writing and wondered whether his mind was playing tricks with him. He dismissed the thoughts and tore the paper and prepared to rewrite.

Preetham offered him the visitor's bed room, "The Air cooler may help your thoughts..." Seema was in the living room with the television set running. But her eyes were on the bedroom trying to put a roadblock to the writers thought. She looked at him with the same emotions that the Iraqi public reserved for Bush or Obama. This time the writer decided to type the thoughts on the laptop.
Preetham had gone much far from his place to the icy tops of himalayas. Even the extreme cold was unable to shake his meditation. Lord Shiva opened his eyes and was about to appear before his devotee. Thats when Seema searching for husband reached there. This time there seemed a protective invisible fort build around her husband and she found it impregnable. She didn't like to see her husband with closed eyes. She always wanted to feel his eyes on her even when she is looking away. She took two steps backwards and took the bow and arrow. Lifting the bow skywards and focusing on the arrow, she chanted some mantra. Unlike in mythological serials, where a special arrow appears, here, a sweater appeared on the arrow tip. She pulled the string and the sweater landed on Preetham's shoulders. When it touched his body, Preetham remembered of how his wife's embrace eased him and how her kiss distilled all wrong done to him. And thus the meditation was again broken. Seema blurted out two lines from a shayari she heard somewhere,"Jinke yaad mein hum bimaar pade hain... Kam se kum unhe zardhi toh ho jaaye" Immediately Preetham found himself sneezing. Lord Shiva was near to losing his anger, "Yet again the woman has succeeded in her mission"
Saagar looked unbelieving at his fingers and couldn't believe as to how he could order his fingers to type like that. He looked at the living room and now was confident that Seema, somehow consciously or subconsciously was tampering with his creative faculties.

He moves to the terrace and this time decides to dictate and record his thoughts. He sits on the edge looking at the greenery and starts to put his thoughts in words and starts with a quote to strengthen his hero
The more a person knows who is and what he wants, the less he lets things upset him. Preetham, the family man decides he had enough of samsar and leaving everything he goes to the Kumara Parvath and sits on the high point looking over the mountainside and starts his meditation.
Thats when Seema comes to the terrace to put the clothes for drying. And then the thoughts get jumbled and the author finds himself unable to control the words coming from his mouth
"And then the devout wife Seema came down there looking for her husband. But this time she found her husband on the high point overlooking the mountainside and with his back towards her. She couldn't even go anywhere near him. She looked around and then disappeared. It's when Lord Shiva decided that this time he can bless his devotee. And he finally descended from his abode and appeared on the horizon. And Preetham opened his eyes. But he was not looking at Lord Shiva. He was looking at something written on the clear sky by Seema using the private jet. She had taken the services of sky writing and the message was on the sky. Preetham read those magical words, ' I love you, Preetham. Please come back!" Lord Shiva definitely couldn't see his bhakth's devotion getting yet again wasted and so vanished after advising him, "You definitely cannot keep your mind on your mind for long. Meditation is not for you!"

Saagar was sure being driven up the wall and was about to go Nuts. But the story continued. As Lord Shiva returned to his abode, his dear wife Parvathi spoke, "Its time to bless Seema" and she appeared on the terrace and blessed Seema, "I am really in awe of your love. Is there anything you want to ask me?" Seema just bowed down and said, "Please see to it that no one can separate me from my husband even in their thoughts! The bonds of love that has been cemented over the years shouldn't come down at all." Parvathi said Thathasthu and disappeared. Something happened and suddenly a coconut fell on the head of the writer and he went into a swoon. When he woke up, he was questioning, "Where Am I? What Am I doing on this terrace?" Seema loved that the writer had forgotten about the story. Thats when Parvathi came back on the sky, "I just came back to wish you Happy Woman's Day".


Priya Joyce said...

wow...the last paragraph was awesome...
So strong is the love between preetham n seema that even in thoughts of a writer they cudn't be separated..
well with lots of fun here n there..u yet agn dun fail to say true love is ecstatic..and special and stays forever...

V. Archana said...

ha ha ha... superb ending... :D

but ya,love is the only divine power greater than anything in the universe. :)

Suresh Kumar said...

Ty Priya and Archana

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