Friday, June 25, 2010

Forever Love 2: Defining forever....

What every karma(work) one performs in their previous birth will see the results in the present and in future too if not fulfilled. As such life's got a past and future but no end. Live your life according to this very spiritual thought. - DVG (A kannada poet)

Seema was there under the constructing flyover taking some shelter from the relentless rain. At the same time her thoughts were on her new obsession - the forever love thing. 'Now how to defne forever... Is it for this lifetime... or even for the past and future lives...'- that was her doubt. Thats when a tangewala (the horse ridden carriage) came near asking her if she wanted a ride. She just popped in and the old man who had the controls asked him, "where does the lady want to go?" Seema laughed, "I would have loved to go to my future lives... but you can't do that... so take me to my home at..." Before she could complete, the old man gave a divine smile and said, "Let lady's wishes be fulfilled" and like a lightning, the carriage moved and suddenly the rains made way for sunshine. After some minutes, the old man announced, "your destination is reached"

She looked out.It was not her home. Rather it looked like a princely town of some 16th century. She looked at him with confusion. He replied,"This is your next life... 16th century chola kingdom... one of its provinces... You r the daughter of a governor.... and there you are" Seema was filled with pride, "I look just as beautiful as Aishwarya did in Jodha Akbar.."
And as they watched, The daughter of the governor was being saved from some bandits by a man on a black horse. The man on the horse looked like her husband. Seema couldn't control her laughter "He cant hold the handles of the bike properly nor can he cut the carrots with the knife without trembling... and here he is riding the horse and also fighting with a sword'. In the fight, the warrior fought with his life for the pride of the heroine. The bollywood movies have taught the girls that they must fall in love with the man who saves their life and pride. But here, nothing of that sort happened. The eyes meet and the hearts seemed to talk. But then the pair turned and moved away as if nothing had happened at all.
Seema had two confusing thoughts, "If this is my next life, how am I in 16th century and not 22nd or 23rd century? and why didn't romance blossom between the pair?"
The old man answered the first question, "Whoever said to you, time is linear? You will placed in the life and the time as per your Karma. As for your next question, the answer lies within you. I will give you one more chance"

Saying so, the old man took her to one more of her future lives announcing, "This time it would be in the 22nd century".Seema expected nice gadgets, extravagant cars and skyscrapers touching the sky and so on. But to her complete surprise, she found a picturesque village on a river side with the sound of a steam engine filling the air. She looked at the old man for an explanation and he said," In this time, God decided to take some pages out of the literature and bring it to reality... So we have a Gotham city in America, Hogwarts school in England and Malgudi in India"
So Seema had landed in Malgudi. In this life, she was a young girl roaming in Langa-Dhaavani and a intermediate dropout who for most of the time helped her mother with the day to day household chores. Her romance was with a postman and whenever she heard the cycle bell sound, she came running like Gopikas come running on hearing Shri Krishna's flute. But she was not unable to convey her heart to him or to her parents who were looking for a better alliance for her.Seema was totally confused, "what the hell is happening in my future lives.. Why I m not getting the love''

The old man thought it was the time to clarify her doubts, "You have a great love in your present life... the one that will be with you for eternity... But you instead of having respect for the same, doubted whether it would last for the lifetime..."
Seema received the clarification, "And it is disturbing my future lives and so I am not able to be with the one I should be in future lives." She still had a doubt, "You are saying all these lives run parallel... this is more complex"
The old man said, "Take it anyway you think... but if you sow a bad thought, the results would be bad... never doubt your love is temporary... always feel that it is for eternity. Make your love so strong that it is like a tree whose roots are deep in the earth but whose branches extend into heaven"


Tulika said...

*always feel that it is for eternity.

What a thought! Pure magic this post is..!

You have mastered this art of story telling.


Priya Joyce said...

i completely agree wth Tulika ter...
what a thot...
Once we love someone it's then for eternity..all this moving on is S**t..

But i muss say u hav beautifully put tat wth li'l pieces of humour as always :)


Prathima Bhat said...

Well.... Am not sure of the love till eternity..
But for sure, untill the last breath of our life in the present birth, we can always have endless love..

Meira said...

you're tagged

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