Thursday, June 17, 2010

Forever Love 1: The Fountain of Love

Seema was pondering over what the sales girl had told her. When the sales girl declared lifetime warranty for the washing machine she was selling, Seema put a question with intention of teasing the sales girl, "Mine or the machines's. "
The sales girl's answer was still ringing in her ears, "You can't have lifetime warranty for anything.. not even your dear husband's love for you nor even your love for him'

Sitting alone in the garden, she was lost in these thoughts, when she heard the voices of children. It was Riya her young neighbor of twelve years old and Deepak, a thirteen year old boy. They were playing sum treasure hunt game. Seema caught the words like treasure, search and map and some fountain and that excited her. The kids revealed that they were searching for a fountain from where if one drinks, he would know the secret of forever love.
She decided to make herself a party in the search and the kids didn't refuse it when she saw her take out her Maruthi Alto. She spread the long sheet over the steering wheel only to find that it was not a map but clues for whereabouts of the fountain.
The map had some clues that need to be solved to reach the destination.

First clue was simple which Seema read out, "A place where you can see Pooja, Tulasi and Deepa'...". Even before she could completely read it out, Deepak cried out in excitement,"Turn left at the next corner.. We are going to our colony... All these pretty gals stay there..." Riya wanted to smash his head for not getting such a simple clue, "It is referring to the temple... And there is a temple straight ahead on that hillock. We need to move straight" They reached the destination, it was not just a temple. It was a temple complex with many deities being worshiped...

Seema opened the map and read out the next clue, "Go to the area where it is very dark and the water flows continously." Deepak couldn't remain silent and had to open his stupid mouth, "Must be that toilet at the south of this temple... I heard people say Electricity doesn't work there and the flush is always broken." Riya wanted to kick his butt, but when she saw the sanctum sanctorum, she remained silent. Seema closed her eyes for prayers, but Riya had her eyes open and saw the second answer.
In the dark sanctum sanctorum there stood a huge Ganesha Statue and the architecture was such that the Statue stood just beneath a small water fall with water falling on Ganesha's head continuously. They had their second answer

Seema opened the map and read the third clue, "Picture the scene before you with your real eyes and you will have the answers." Deepak read the clues again and removed his sunglasses trying to see if he could find the answer.Riya looked at Deepak wanting to know whether he had the answer. Deepak spoke like he was enlightened, "I feel like sitting under that fall and singing 'Thande Thande Paani se nahana chahiye... Gaana aaye ya na aaya gaana chahiye'" Riya got furious but she remained silent as she saw Seema focusing on the answer. Thats when they heard a guide explain the tourists, "The water has never stopped or reduced its force. It has flowed continuously since years and will do so for years"
And then the priest came out and explained the significance to them all, "Like that water stream, we all should be... we should pour all our love unconditionally.... a mother to her children, a brother to his sister and a wife to her husband... never looking for anything in return... that is forever love"
And Seema says to the kids "And this itself is the fountain of love" and so saying they took the theertham from the priest and drank it.


Priya Joyce said...

Well well well
Guys act reely stupid sometimes :D
but yeahh that really brought humour into the post!

This post makes me wonder if at all there ws sucha fountain what wud it be like to see people gettin a person' love forever with abt zilch of anythng...

so it's reely gud tat love and it's being there forever is all in our hands..we gotto make it stay ..

ur post made me thnk buddy :) keep goin :)

nands said...

Superb post Sirji! :)

Perhaps, gave me a very important clue for a puzzle I am about to face! :D

Shilpa said...

Nice :)

Meira said...


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