Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Manly Manya

After his girl ditched him or so, Surender was singing depressing songs like My love is gone and so on. But the security guard at the office informed his colleague Manya that he was into more worse things. The guard talked about the occult cult that surendar had joined which met at the Mukhyaprana temple. That made Manya want to check out the cult. But security guard informed that the organisation was a taliban-like and entry was restricted to men.So Manya said with a smile, "MAKE ME A MAN"
The dresser and make up artist in the guard suddenly came to life and in minutes Manya looked like a beautiful man but guard was not satisfied as he looked at her from head to toe, "There doesn't seem to be a balance" And with a pillow upon which he rested during his nite duties, woh kami bhi poori hogayi. Now she looked like a big stomach wala marwadi businessMAN
Then as she entered she found the speaker addressing the crowd, "Its better to die at the hands of a cruel murderer than to be in the dreams of a lustful woman" Manya looked at the speaker and commented to the Guard, "With that goats beard and wild hair where birds can nest and those shabby clothes, he can't be in any girl's dreams" The speaker went on to introduce new members and came to Surendar and asked him how women had ruined his life. Manya quickly understood what the cult stood for and what was its objectives.

Surender, "I am deeply madly truly in love with this girl.. But she is not expressing herself..."
The Speaker spoke to the entire audience with bitterness against the girls, "That's the problem with girls.. All that we do in our life is for girls. Young boys iron their clothes so that girls can fall into their traps. But girls never even by mistake speak their hearts out...they just play around as if our heart is a toy for them..."
Manya had to speak her heart out and she did but with a modulated voice, "Arre yaar.. See the logic... Girls don't first speak their heart out. Boys need to express strongly and confidently... Have you done it... Mr Surender"

Surendar failed to recognize his colleague Manya, "I have already spoken my heart out... Laid my proposal before her...She has not yet come with a Yes or No..."
The speaker intervened and gave the message to the whole crowd, "If she says Yes, you will die from happiness.. If she says No, you will die from heartbreak.. It will not make a difference... does it?"
Manya felt like throwing her sandal at the speaker, but tried to impress upon her colleague in a manly voice, "All the problems in the world can be traced to saying YES too quickly or NO too late... She needs time and she needs to have trust..."

Surender was liking more of Manya's thoughts, "But she has put me through so many tests and tribulations. Cant I know the results now?"
The speaker filled in, "Even The CAT or CET exams has less rounds of test... She may test you before marriage... After marriage she will put you to more tests... Mind you, All Boys! This is gonna be a never ending saga with the girls"
Manya explained a girls thoughts, "She is putting her entire life in your trust. She is leaving her home to become one with you. She wants to know what level you love her and bear with her. Tomorrow if something goes wrong after she comes to you, she has no where to go.. Think... Boy! If you love her truly, madly and deeply as you declared earlier, you will be able to think from her angle...":

Now that really made Surendar think. This was a threatening move for the cult and suddenly the speaker asked his new members to raise their right hand and take their vows. Surendar didn't raise his hand as he found more weight in Manya's words than the speaker's, "I prefer to follow in the path shown by that young boy..."
Manya decided to put an end to the drama as she took the pillow and gave it to the security guard, "This looks best when your head is rested on it" and removed the false mustache and also dropped her hair down though they were not so long. As the crowd looked at her, she declared, "It may take hundred men to make a camp, but it takes one woman to make a happy home. All the good boys, here. Give it a thought!"
When a girl speaks, boys listen. So as Manya walked out along with the security guard and Surendar, she had a small crowd of boys following her.


Priya Joyce said...

felt great that Manya actually succeeded in convincing the fanatic men!

It's nt about women being great it's about equality ...

I really liked the way u put thru a woman's point of view...why we women take so much time o give in cos once we give it's for going back...
loved to know some men do know us :P

as always this post too deserves an applause :)

nands said...

"When a girl speaks, boys listen."
Really??? :D

nands said...

Hey, haven't been it's too long since your last post?
Everything fine na?

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Priya
thanks for the applause... u know i like praises.... :)

@ Nands
Maybe there r some exceptions...
Everyhtings fine... Will return very shortly...

Dawn said...

Amazing story and good balancing between the gender - without any bias you have tried to explain the situation well. Kudos to you==as this is a bit tough being a man ;-)

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