Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some Serious Discussion on Love

Lots of noise made Preetham's mother come out of the pooja room. As she looked towards the bed room, she found Preetham and Seema trying to console their weeping baby girl Prerana. And then she turned her eyes towards the living room to find Riya, her thirteen year old neighbor enjoying a harry potter movie on the idiot box with Deepak, fourteen year old nephew of Preetham. The old lady switched off the telly much to the disappointment of the kids and shooed them off to the garden. She also joined them and advised, "Don't waste your evening in the front of the idiot box. Do some thing creative or talk something productive"

Deepak looked around and saw a young man standing near a gate and watch a girl come down that lane and exclaimed, "Isn't that surprising. There are more than billion people in this world and only one is meant special for you. What is that about this thing called love and what's going through that young man's mind?"
Riya gave a smile and remembered something which she had heard or read, "Every boy wishes his love to be like a volleyball. When he says MINE, he wants everyone to back off, and the girl like the ball in the game should be... his.. That's the feeling that boy over there is going through" Granny was very angry at Deepak for corrupting the young girl with such questions, "You could have observed those kittens playing with their mummy or that young kid trying to learn the bicycle. But you choose to study that cupid struck guy?m You worth-for-nothing!"

Deepak was not listening as he had more questions, "But is this love? Waiting for someone get down from the bus and watch them keep those gentle steps towards their home?" Riya was enjoying sharing her knowledge, "It may not be. It may be just lust. Lust and love are not the one and the same. Lust may be the beginning of the love. But it may last for Eternity. May be that's the reason Love begins with L and ends with E." The old lady was surprised on hearing such great thoughts from such small brain, "The convent school you go to has a head master who is a priest and most of the teachers are sisters. Where did you learn all these, young girl?"

Riya just gave another of her sweet smile instead of answering the question. There was another surprise waiting for the old lady. Suddenly, out of the blue, Deepak announced, "I think I am falling in Love with you, Riya?" But Riya took it lightly as she gently questioned, "And may i know as to what is that in me that you love?" Deepak answered confidently, "You are so cute..." Riya thrashed it, "That's just attraction, not love..." Deepak continued "and you are intelligent..." Riya negated that one too, "That's just admiration and will not last long..." But Deepak didn't stop, "When you walk alone on the street, I want to give you a lift on my bicycle.." Riya was ready with the answer, "That's just compassion and nothing else.." Deepak laughed, "And why don't I have that compassion for this old lady here?"

That angered Preetham's mother and she ran inside the house probably to get something to smack the young boy. While she was gone, Riya explained in simple words, "Love has no reasons whatsoever...It just happens" As Deepak was pondering on the lines, Granny came with a big cane and seeing that Deepak started running away. The Old Lady was successful in driving the young boy. But she saw Riya looking furiously at her which prompted her to ask, "What's wrong with You? Why are you looking at me like that?" Riya answered a bit harshly, "You drove away my prospective husband!!!!


Priya Joyce said...

Lol @ he innocently stupid questions as well as conclusions of Deepak...

wise words of Riya... are real wise...
seems like she's a too much psychological :P

I agree love just happens we don't need reasons at all. even imperfections appeal..

well I'd like to see this teen love developing :P in ur next posts..

and surely I loved the concept of guys running away when someone is aftr them wth a stick or shoe :P

nands said...

How romantic!!! :)
I wish, Riya was around 23 not 13, and I knew her! :))

Chandrika Shubham said...


V. Archana said...

hmm.. quite romantickk..

lots of stuff im hearing/reading abt this love stuff these days.. :) weird it seems,at times.

Prathima Bhat said...

:) :)
I guess u already know the reason behind those smileys.. My sentences are replicated as Riya's! :) Never realized that i speak so strongly...
Never mind, nice post :)

*Next time I would mention that my words are copywrite protected ;)

Arjun said...

SO there goes another love story! A cute beginning though :)

Suresh Kumar said...
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Suresh Kumar said...

@ PJ
Yeah... isn't t cute when love happens at a very young age... :)

@ Nands
Hope u vil get someone like Riya or still better...

@ Chandrika

@ Archana
Love is everywhere... Anbe Sivam thane

@ Prathima
That convo was the inspiring.. Thanks to you, I have a wonderful post

@ Arjun
Thx a lot

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