Sunday, May 23, 2010

No One for the Evening Walk!

"Oh My God!" came the shriek from Preetham's house. It was Seema's voice. Her Mother in law came running towards her room. When she enquired as to what happened, Seema replied with concern, "Look at your son's belly! Fat has started accumulating." But dear husband Preetham tried to ignore it, "Come on... You know what they say in the west... It is just a sign of prosperity." Seema became more vociferous, "Prosperity! My Foot! It is a sign of laziness" and she tapped gently on the stomach. Her child Prerana followed her mother's example and in few minutes the baby was practising tabla.

Seema also had the solution "This problem needs to be nipped in the bud.You spend too much time lazing in front ot the computer." and then she issued directions, " Now that there is less work at office, You can come down early and we will go for a evening walk from 5.30 to 6.30" Preetham's mother immediately objected, "Not that time! Its the time when most of the ladies venture out of their dens and start using their strongest weapon... the tongue... Buri Nazar pad sakthi hain...on my dear son... I will not allow it..."
Preetham smiled which irritated Seema more and she said, "Well! Dear MIL, I have a idea to protect your son from bad and roving eyes.We will dress him in a burkha covered from top to bottom with openings only near the eyes... Howzthat!!!"

Seeing her MIL's eyes becoming red with anger, Seema immediately went for a time change, "I hope you wouldn't object for the evening timing of 6.30 to 7.30" This time, instead of the mother, the son himself objected to it, "Its the twilight time... Its the time for the mind to focus on God....It would not be right for me to go for walk during that time..."Seema was getting crazy hearing all kinds of excuses, "Hmm... If you so can't live without your God, you should have married him." Mother in law gave a shocked look and Seema thought that her MIL was shouting 'Sacrilege' in her mind but MIL politely advised,"How about visiting that Ganesh temple? It will serve twin purposes - Walking as well as Darshan of the almighty" Seema congragulated her Mother in law,"You are great! If we go to the temple, Your Son will not come out of the temple without having that delicious prasadam (appam) dipped in shuddh ghee"

Seeing her DIL put her head down, Mother in law gave another suggestion and tried to finish off the discussion, "I think no one would object for 7.30 to 8.30." Seema was silent from which it was clear that she didn't consent to the time.Preetham himself talked for her, "If ladies went for walk during that time, television networks all around India would lose a big chunk of advertising revenue.For the sake of Indian's economy, It is better ladies stayed inside their homes during that time "

Seema smiled, "Then we are left with no option except go for a walk after the dinner... i.e 9.30 to 10.30"
Preetham agreed, "And that would be a romantic one too... With no one on the streets and with moon light following us and stars spread across the sky.... It reminds me of Raj Kumar and Nargis walking down the lane and singing Pyar hua iqraar hua"
Seema' s mother in law interrupted the romantic moment, "Hello! You both are forgetting that there is another member in your small family... Prerana, your baby... who will put her to sleep"
Prerana decided to speak for herself and slowly she crawled towards her grandma
Seeing this, Seema mischievously commented supporting her daughter's move, "Why else then do we have old ladies at home for?"


Priya Joyce said...

so this exactly is called kids solve all problems :P

damn y did i grow up :P

I simply loved the way u made this such n unromantic discussion routing to a romantic walk...

so somehow the couple manages to steal a romantic life apart from all the tensions and stress :))

Dawn....सेहर said...

Interesting post dear...brings all aspect and everyone's point of haven't left Prerna either for her expression :)

Amazing sometimes we see too many things and many times we miss it all :)
Loved the flow it literally made me to visualize every character and their face expression too :)

Dhandal said...

Hello there!!!! :)

I m back (not with a full bang yet)

Quite a good post (as usual)

Gives me a hint that i shud do some excercise myself. but sadly alone. with no company ;) lest romantic.

Smi said...

pretty good ...the title in kannada cud be Nimma namma mane kathe :)

Prathima Bhat said...

Yeah.. exercise is must...

Hope u have read this quote --"A man too busy to take care of his health is like
A mechanic too busy to take care of his tools."

Shilpa said...

On a serious note: Although Seema mischieviously questioned the need for old ladies at home, it is an unfortunate reality today - treating grand parents like baby sitters and then complaining the child isn't bonding with its parents. How would it if the parents fail to utilize the little time they get with the little ones?

I haven't been following this story (you know why), but why can't they explore early morning options for the walk?

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Shilpa
I got a serious criticism from a senior lady for using that line over the mail.
I never had such a thought in my mind...

Early morning walk... hmm... Preetham, the husband is god fearing and spends the morning in meditation :)

@ PJ
Who said the lie to u that u have grown up :)

@ Fiza

@ Ananditha
All day studies is not always gud

@ Smi
Welcome Back! Idhu nanna manne kathe anthu alla :)

@ Prathima
Impressive quote... First time hearing it :)

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